7latenights Spent All "7latenights" Crafting His Deluxe Masterpiece for You


Representing New Jersey alongside his new team of “1012 Records,” 7latenights promised to deliver before the end of the year… and he did just that, striking a personal connection to the roots of R&B from earlier on. 7latenights promised his audience that his goal is to rebirth the authentic R&B and Soul sounds that the music industry lacks to showcase. Leading him to the deluxe release of his self-titled project “7latenights.” A strategically balanced 11-track masterpiece full of sad-soul R&B, Trapsoul, and early 2000s influenced R&B. An ideal body of work; something for every music lover scouting for the next talent.

This darkened R&B, late-night drive sounding project defines 7latenights as himself through his self-titled project. Taking you on a joyride from “Her Favorite Song” to “The Catch.” Listening from 1 to 11. Each song controls a purpose, interacting with one another through hardships, romances, and distant memories. A representation of who Seven is and what he has dealt with over the years. 

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