96 Launches the New Year with Visuals to Show off His "Brand Nu Benz"

Jump-starting his career for the new year, 96 releases the visuals to his throwback song “Brand Nu Benz” originally released on his “GOIN96HOST 2” EP. The lead single was instantly a fan favourite as it gave them a feel for where 96 was musically; an established recording artist. He would later go on to release the single “Need 2 Know” the following year. Grasping the audience he has today. With still room to grow, the Toronto multi-genre artist is now providing his day one fans with the request they have been begging for; “Visuals!” It was only in due time. 96 delivered.

The music video details the city he resides in and the situations he faces day-to-day. From the city, the classroom, and the coffee shop, these represent the spaces he wishes he could break out from. Quoted by 96“The once aspiring performer is transported from the parking lot of the coffee shop, outside of where he failed to finish his assignment, to driving his dream Mercedes Benz.” Ending with 96 in the position he deserves to be in performing his music in venues to the fans who support him and his music. 

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