AJay! & Kayeandre are Both Tired of Being Redirected to Her "Voicemail"

Valentine’s day assures a passionate mood change for you and your significant other. A day to romanticize over one another. Setting the tone for the evening, AJay! and Kayeandre ‘dim-the-lights’ with their new single “Voicemail.” Un-attaching the strings as you presume she is only thinking about you. Guess again. You are in for a wide awakening when you find out she vents about your abusive situation to Kaye on the side. Vocalizing his love for her even though they cannot be together, just yet, singing “Somehow you halfway across the world, but your still on my mind.” Kayeandre guides the listener through any tensions they may have encountered throughout a past rocky relationship. Music is the heart of all emotions, and Kayeandre is sure to tap into your inner soul obsession. Leaving you with no doubt of satisfaction when you fully grasp his musical talents. A comparison to Kayeandre is Bryson Tiller, his genuine feel and soulful demeanor helps deliver real heartfelt emotions through his lyrics and melodies. Look out for Kayeandre and AJay!’s joint-track “Voicemail”, out now! Be sure to listen to this outstanding piece of work with more to follow.

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