Akienz Is Not Shy To Claim That He Is A "Mama's Boy" With His 2020 Debut Project

Singer-songwriter, producer & audio engineer ‘Akienz‘ is far from your “Average Rapper.” Challenging himself to sing and use various flows. His diversity is quite intriguing. Unfortunately, there is not too much to be said, as he prefers to stay anonymous. Thanks to the SoundCloud algorithm, I was able to come across his single “Right Now” back in late 2019. Leading to the current day, Akienz launches his new year with the release of “Mama’s Boy.” A 4-track Rap & Hip-hop project exclusively on streaming platforms. 

Mama’s Boy” is far from the same as “Right Now” & “Nobody,” two incredible R&B singles. However, it signifies Akienz heartfulness for the love of his Mother. After listening to “January 1st,” the first song on the project, I couldn’t help resist listening to the project back-to-back. The project is not just a few songs, but a work of art. Each one directly syncs with one another while sticking to the same audio production and vocalization. Akienz is an artist to watch for this year. 


(Check out the track below! )

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