Alayna Sings About the "Tender" Moments She Has Lived Through

New Zealand born singer/songwriter Alayna, known for her beautifully intriguing vocals and angelic aesthetic, sneakily releases a 6-track EP titled “Tender.”  Labeled after one of the singles on the EP, “Tender” is full of Alayna‘s natural talents with songs like “Sugar” & “Glowing,” representing her and her sound.  Having discovered Alayna over a year ago from her Roundhead Studios live session recordings having posted to SoundCloud. Thank you, SoundCloud algorithm! I have yet, to be disappointed by a song by her. 

With Alayna being very strategic with her image, it is hard to keep up-to-date with what she has planned. However, it adds an-amazing story and enables a captivating audience who will continue to support her for who she is. With the unexpected release of “Tender,” I can only imagine what else she has planned for us this year. 


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