Toronto's 'Amileo North' Launches His New Year With An Unofficial Project Titled "A Mile High Vibe"

More on Amileo North:

Since catching our ear from his singles “Double Back” & “On Sight.” Toronto‘s ‘Amileo North‘ has been making noise throughout the Toronto GTA, with his group “KNWN Collective.” However, Amileo isn’t just notable for his uniquely identifiable sound and flow, but rather for his engineering techniques as well. The North York native could have easily chosen a “Toronto” inspired sound, but instead, he structured his own. Since coming across his music back in early-2018 by his ‘KNWN‘ affiliate ‘30sidelouie‘. I knew, “This guy,” took his music seriously and wanted to make it be known. 

Dating to January 19, 2020Amileo unexpectedly releases an ‘Unofficial‘ project titled “A Mile High Vibe.” Compiled of music that he has kept locked up in his music vault for some time now. Amileo‘s collective of music, “A Mile High Vibe,” is his way of announcing that he is still here. From tunes, you can cruise to on a late night to dark-saddened vibes, he directs you into the life that he lives. Our recommended song choice would be “Last Time.” 


(Check out the track below! )

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