Justin Polinsky

My involvement in the music industry started at the age of 16 when I began graphic design and audio engineering. Since then, I've immersed myself in obsessing and learning as much about the industry as possible. My portfolio covers everything from graphic design, songwriting, A&R, PR work, etc. Currently, I Co-Manage, Jacksonville, FL, R&B & Soul singer "Cory Jones." Providing him with my artist development and creative services.

Kai Baez Gives an Acoustic Twist to His Music on “liah’s interlude.”

With the recent rise of dark-R&B and Trapsoul, New York never really stood out. Now with the rise of fandom amongst these genres, we are seeing a transition. A lot more artists are tapping into R&B and one of these individuals is Kai Baez hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Kai has been steadily releasing records dating back to 2019, across DSP’s; Most notably the free streaming platform of SoundCloud. Garnering a relative fanbase and consistent streaming count. Kai is now trying something new with a similar sound to Brent Faiyaz. An acoustic dark-R&B sound. This being his latest record “liah’s interlude.”

Danny Ali Shows Love to His Hometown with the Release of “6ix!”

Hailing from San Francisco, California, 24-year-old Danny Ali is launching his 2021 with the release of “6ix!” A 10-track EP featuring the likes of Infamous Taz, King Mar$, Kola, and Celiana. Having gained a buzz off the releases of “SORRY” earlier this year, and “SWITCH UP” featuring Derek King back in 2019. Danny Ali has remained consistent with the quality of R&B, Rap, and Hip-Hop music he has released. Leading him to release his first project in over 2-years.

Kayeandre is Putting on for New York with His R&B EP “Kasanova”

Following the release of the song “self esteem” (one of the singles from the project), Kayeandre is now following up with a 4-track EP titled “Kasanova.” A project for anyone who’s been in a toxic relationship. As we all know, the sad consensus of love is the toxicity that comes with cheating to hurting others. Kayeandre soothes his heartaches through a lead single from the project titled “self esteem.” An almost Jazzy–R&B/Soul track mixed with a Hip-Hop (Boom-bap) feel. Where he expresses all those recollections of doing wrongs that affected his conscience, instead of boosting his “self esteem.” The perfect entry to “righ here,” “burning,” and “in bx” featuring b1uan.

Dominic Scott is “Curious” About What She Might Be Thinking About

At the young age of 23-years-old, Dominic Scott, a singer-songwriter who blends Alternative R&B and Soul, is breaking way in the New Orleans music scene with his professionalism in sound and creativity. Having worked alongside the likes of PJ Morton, Ambré, and Chase N. Cache. Dominic is now pushing for his solo career with consistent releases, starting with today’s release of “Curious.” “Curious” is the perfect blend of Contemporary R&B and Funk. Giving a danceable rhythm with a head-sway mellow melody. This is a record I will keep on repeating. The catchiness of “You got me curious…?” brings this entire song together from start to end. I cannot wait to hear what more Dominic has to come!

Victoria Gouveia Just Wants Everything to “Stay The Same”

Victoria Gouveia is a 23-year-old R&B/Hip-Hop singer-songwriter. Moving on her own to Toronto at only 17-years-old to pursue her career in the arts and entertainment industry, Victoria began by releasing her debut single “Beautiful Lie” in 2018, surpassing over 100,000 streams on all platforms. Since then, Victoria has been constantly working and building her career by releasing new music and visuals; including her debut EP “Relentless.” Following “Relentless,” Victoria took some time to re-identify herself through her 2020 2-track EP “Feelings.” Pushing herself as an independent artist to not get too comfortable; adding more versatility to her discography before the spring of 2021 approaches, which will reveal the next chapter in her career.

Sirius Wilde Knows “NOTHINGS4EVA” So He Lives Comfortably

Immigrated from Nigeria to Toronto, ON, Canada, Matthias Osa-Noyoze, known by most as Sirius Wilde, is an R&B & Soul musician and arts creative. Capturing moments and vocalizing them through his music. With inspirations ranging from The Weeknd and Frank Ocean to South London’s Sampha, Sirius paints a very vivid picture of these artists through his R&B sounds. Giving an acoustic-like euphoric sound on each record he has released. Taking him from his debut EP “ROMANTICISM, Vol. A,” to his latest single release “NOTHINGS4EVA.”

Morgan Gold Deserves a “SPOTLIGHT” with Her Recent Project

Chicago continues to push out the young talent within the music scene. Each year we see more and more artists surface in the R&B & Hip-Hop genre; Most notably Jeremih, but today it is Morgan Gold. Putting out her fourth EP titled “SPOTLIGHT,” I am reassured that this will spark a light for what is coming. The 5-track EP is a dark-R&B and Hip-Hop influenced project full of chill, immersive, rollercoaster of emotions, type sounds. It will have you turning your head, wondering, “Who is this!?” Sounding like the female R&B version of melodic rapper Melvoni from New York. Luckily, that is why I am putting you on to her before it’s too late. My personal two favourite tracks are “SPOTLIGHT” and “STAY DOWN,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. With a project of this quality, I cannot wait to hear her future records!

Vancouver’s SE YOUNG Gives Her the Approval to “Come 2 My City”

SE YOUNG, a Korean-Canadian singer-songwriter hailing from Vancouver, BC, Canada, has only just begun his career but is far from beginner status. The multi-genre described artist has only recently debuted his career with his single “Your Touch” back in 2020. Following it up with one more single “Calm Before The Storm,” before showcasing his natural musical talent with his latest release “Come 2 My City.” This dark-R&B, Hip-Hop-influenced young-talent, SE YOUNG, already has a musical career mapped out with his distinct sound resemblance to FRVRFRIDAY, 451, and Norman Perry. I guarantee with consistency that he’ll peak into the rising Vancouver music scene alongside Kid Sharif, BOSLEN, and MANILA GREY. I highly recommend having a listen to “Come 2 My City” before judging him as an artist. Now it is up to him to push onward.

Mia Sanchez is Splurging Her Dinero and No, You “Can’t Have It”

Toronto, ON, is Canada’s leading creative hub city for music culture. With the music scene continuously strengthening year-to-year, I am not surprised a new talent emerges. Today, the light shines on Mia Sanchez, a Latin-Canadian contrasting her Spanish culture with English (Canadian). Though they have done it countless times before, Mia is something special. Her Pop and R&B overlap is calming yet energized. Taking clear inspiration from Jhené Aiko, Jessie Reyez, and Alessia Cara, I noticed this is only her beginning… Having only professionally released three records, dating back as far as 2018, I believe she is finally ready.

AVX is Handing Out a Good “Vibe” as We Enter the Spring Season

New Jersey has had a lot of upcoming R&B and Hip-Hop acts merge into the music scene over the past couple of years following their sister city, the City of New York. One artist, in particular, that is grasping recognition is self-recording artist AVX, pronounced “AUX.” Who captured our attention with the records “AGAIN” and “ETERNITY” back in early 2020, and now again with “Vibe.”

July Realized That Being “Selfish” is Only Temporary When in-Love

July, a Toronto, ON, Contemporary R&B and Trapsoul recording artist continues to strengthen his sound with the uplift of his city’s music scene. With the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, Anders, K. Forest, and more flourishing. It is only right July gets thrown in the mix thanks to his outstanding song structuring on his latest single “Selfish.” A song that was written as though July was seeing it occur firsthand. His girlfriend at the time catching him being “Selfish” by cheating on her with someone new was his biggest regret. Headache after headache, he realized they were ill intentions and wishes he could turn back time.

Mirrors Walks Through a “House Of Mirrors” to Strengthen His Career

With the rise of Vancouver, BC’s R&B & Hip-Hop music scene, one of the most prominent recording artists I have come across is Mirrors. Mirrors, most recognizable for his unique presence and melodic sound. Originally launched his music career producing for other ‘Van-City’ artists before focusing on his solo career. Having only five officially released singles before his debut project “House Of Mirrors.” Mirrors has already set a momentum for himself with the traction he has received thanks to the promotion of EscapeTracks for the release of “Seasons.” An R&B music platform that dominates the genre’s YouTube music network.

Prznt Will Have You Tokyo Drifting to His Single “Lambo Crazy”

Prznt, Mr. “Laudy Daudy” is a 22-year-old Hip-Hop artist born in Cuba and raised in Florida. Looking to provide a better life for his family from a young age after moving from Cuba. Prznt took it upon himself to follow his role models: Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, and Drake, taking up music as a hobby. After the major success from the releases of “Laudy Daudy,” “Alone,” and “Outsiderz.” Prznt continuously strives to be a better artist than he was in the previous years. Releasing consistent bi-weekly for the past year. Taking us to today’s release of “Lambo Crazy.” A song which I feel would be a perfect fit for a “Fast and Furious” movie. I imagine a scene involving drift cars doing laps throughout the city streets of Tokyo. This song is a hyper-drive thrill ride.

Gabby Zike Brings the Outdoors Inside with Her “Beachroom” EP

With the continuous rise of Contemporary R&B. More and more artists are now garnering the recognition they deserve. Besides the professionalism of audio engineering on their records. R&B truly showcases an artist’s vocal talent and range capabilities; and being a fan of Kehlani, Summer Walker, and Ella Mai. It is only right I showoff Gabby Zike. An independent artist arising in the Los Angeles, California’s music scene. With no music released before her “Beachroom” EP, which has only just released this past February 25th, 2021. Her sound-alike comparison to my personal female-R&B favourites has just added another to my list.

Jada Hope Has You Singing “Ouu La La” as the Curtains Close

With the rising R&B & Soul music scene in Toronto, Canada. Jada-Hope Croasdale better known by her fans as “Jada Hope” is another undiscovered talent who deserves a position amongst the rest of Toronto. Having come from a musical theatre and dance background. Her aesthetic to sound hones in on where her career direction is heading. With a uniquely pleasing sound, similar to Jhené Aiko. It is undeniably a sound that will carry longevity.

Kayeandre Doesn’t Need Alcohol to Boost His “Self Esteem” like Most Do

Since grasping the attention of fans who have a similar taste to the sounds of Bryson Tiller and PartyNextDoor. With his early 2018 singles “I Want You” and “9 0 5.” Kayeandre has paved a way for himself to ‘year-to-year’ transition his career drastically for the better. Learning to song write, engineer, produce, and market his records. To having a billboard in New York City. (“What can’t he do?”) Kayeandre is in a position where, any day, his life can change. This is an artist you do not want to miss out on. He may have a lengthy track-record, but he has only just getting started.

Boslen & Tyla Yaweh will Continue to “DENY” all Negativity; Moving On

Since marking his Canadian city of Vancouver, BC with “Hidden Nights,” “Eye for an Eye,” and “VULTURES” back in 2019-2020. 22-year-old Boslen is not just any ordinary up-and-coming artist. This well-established, multi-talented, genre-bending ‘Vancouverite’ is the next Travis $cott (but from Canada). Unsure if he has accepted that comparison or not? But regardless, it is spot-on. From his aesthetic presentation to hyper-active soundtracks, “Bozzy” or Boslen is undeniably a talent to watch over the coming years.

Kish Realizes it is not Working out, but Doesn’t want to “Hurt Nobody”

Kish Writes better known as “Kish” is reintroducing herself to the Canadian music scene. Transitioning from being a songwriter and poet to an aspiring R&B singer-songwriter. “Hurt Nobody” is her entrance to an alternative career path. This soulful-R&B single expresses her complications from wanting to leave an unpromising relationship but not trying to “Hurt Nobody” in the process. An unfortunate, yet relatable occurrence that one will face sometime throughout their lifespan. Leading Kish on her way from toxicity to the support of her audience. With a sound comparison to Jhené Aiko; her gentle, ‘smooth-toned’ voice is captivating and showcases a promising future for Kish. We look forward to hearing what she brings next as “Hurt Nobody” is her only official released single.

Adrian Truth Sings to Enlighten the “A.R.T” of R&B Music

Adrian Ra’Mon Truth, musically known as “Adrian Truth” is a Kansas City–native renowned for his impact within the R&B music scene. Having sung alongside the group Boyz II Men on a record for Tech N9ne titled “Buddha” back in 2016. Adrian has grown over the years as an independent artist to find comfort in his current position. Earning one of the most difficult accomplishments an artist can achieve; receiving pride and support from his hometown.

omarinyourends Always Sees the Sunshine with “No Cloudy Days”

Hailing from Dallas, Texas. Omar “omarinyourends” of Somalian descent is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter who is not your stereotypical Texas artist. With an outstanding vocal range twisted with a matured sound, similar to Giveon and Brent Faiyaz. Omar has incredible potential. After one listen to his single “No Cloudy Days.” It is without question, this man has got what it takes! “Somebody get this man in a studio.” Besides the ‘home studio sound,’ you can hear right past the imperfections and get a clear understanding of where this young talent is heading. I look forward to tracing his steps when I see him break-way with his musical career. Wishing Omar nothing but the best with his future endeavours.

KAVI Has Been Through the “Worst” of it, yet Moves on with No Regrets

KAVI, an Edmonton, Alberta–based recording artist with a similar sound to the likes of PartyNextDoor and 6lack has attracted our attention with the release of “Worst.” An emotion-driven dark R&B single, which contradicts lust and love. Being who he is, KAVI has always openly spoken about his past relationship turmoil said through his music. Capturing the moments he mistakes and foresees, moving forward to better himself. KAVI has opened the doors to the Edmonton music scene.

Calabasas is Back for the Release of “OKAY: An LA Story”

Since breaking-way with the releases of “Believe In Me” and “Beaujolais,” together garnering over a combined 1.5-million streams on Spotify alone. Calabasas made up of Watrcup (vocals and songwriting) and Franskiiz (vocals, production, and engineering), is now on the verge of bridging to the main stage with their 2021 debut EP “OKAY: An LA Story.” An 8-track project with features from Prznt and Kawelo, and a couple of recently released singles; “Every Women” and “Morning Prayer” building hype towards the project. “A job well done! This is a masterpiece” (by Justin, Founder of Co-Sign Radio). Stay on the look for what surprises they have throughout this new year.

96 Launches the New Year with Visuals to Show off His “Brand Nu Benz”

Jump-starting his career for the new year, 96 releases the visuals to his throwback song “Brand Nu Benz” originally released on his “GOIN96HOST 2” EP. The lead single was instantly a fan favourite as it gave them a feel for where 96 was musically; an established recording artist. He would later go on to release the single “Need 2 Know” the following year. Grasping the audience he has today. With still room to grow, the Toronto multi-genre artist is now providing his day one fans with the request they have been begging for; “Visuals!” It was only in due time. 96 delivered.

Calabasas Sings Their “Morning Prayer” Before the Weekend Commences

Calabasas, a genre-diverse duo, explored fresh sounds this past year with the releases of “Beaujolais,” an R&B and Pop single, and “Every Woman,” an R&B and Hip-Hop single (Sampling Whitney Houston‘ “I’m Every Woman”). Landing them placements on a few prominent Spotify editorial playlists; “Spotify Signed XOXO,” “Alternative Hip Hop Playlist,” and “Spotify Fresh Finds Playlist.” A major achievement for these two, as they currently only have seven single tracks out on streaming platforms.

Kidsnot$aints., a Trio, End the Year with their R&B Single “Entitled”

When considering alternative Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop, a few names come to mind. From Drake to Frank Ocean, John Mayer to BROCKHAMPTON. A variety of “cultured music” seamlessly resonates with your average streaming platform user. Now imagine if there was a group of musicians just as talented, yet unheard-of. Yes, there are many. But have you heard of Kidsnot$aints.? Didn’t think so. This group features Josh, a producer/singer, Raphael, a singer/songwriter, and Alan, a singer/songwriter. With the artistic guidance from their creative directors, Brandon and Mikey. A talented and enjoyable bunch of performers looking to “create timeless memories and unforgettable moments.”

7latenights Spent All “7latenights” Crafting His Deluxe Masterpiece for You

Representing New Jersey alongside his new team of “1012 Records,” 7latenights promised to deliver before the end of the year… and he did just that, striking a personal connection to the roots of R&B from earlier on. 7latenights promised his audience that his goal is to rebirth the authentic R&B and Soul sounds that the music industry lacks to showcase. Leading him to the deluxe release of his self-titled project “7latenights.” A strategically balanced 11-track masterpiece full of sad-soul R&B, Trapsoul, and early 2000s influenced R&B. An ideal body of work; something for every music lover scouting for the next talent.

Aaron Ridge Sings Openly After He Sips ’til the Cup is “Empty”

The rebirth of Old-School R&B and Soul is here to stay thanks to Toronto, Ontario’s very own Aaron Ridge. This multi-talented musician excels as being a singer, songwriter, and producer. Yet, he seamlessly points attention to his instrumentation through his audio engineering professionalism. Having worked with Brampton’s rising-star Zenesoul on “Love and Be Loved,” featured on many Spotify editorial playlists, including “Fresh Finds: Best of The Wave 2020” and “All The Feels.” Each song Aaron writes tells a story that is relatable and authentic to who he is. Leading him into the new year with the release of his latest single titled “Empty.”

Calabasas Embraces Whitney Houston with Their Single “Every Woman”

Calabasas, an unstoppable Los Angeles-based duo formed by Watrcup and Franskiiz, embrace Whitney Houston on their new single “Every Woman.” Sampling one of her vocal melodies on the production. This Hip-Hop and Rap single is Calabasas’ most impactful song that showcases their diversity and capabilities. Pulling together one of the catchiest hooks singing “Oh my…” while layering it with Whitney’s “I’m Every Woman.” They did what they needed to do and did it right! Bravo! to these two. I cannot wait to hear what more they will bring leading into next year.

Kid Sharif is Working Overtime to Prepare for 2021, Getting “No Sleep”

Kid Sharif, better known as “Sharif,” is a West Coast Vancouverite uprising to the top of BC’s music scene. Working closely with the notable producer/engineer Kultar or “Kultar Got Bounce,” and on this single, “40k.” Sharif focuses on building a longevity relationship with an elite team of musicians guiding both Sharif and his team closer to their city’s awakening. A rather unthought-of approach, yet dominant to those that accomplish; this is his steady thinking, and it shows with his strategic releases throughout this past year. With “Vibe,” “Super Natural (feat. Mirrors),” “Wolves,” and now “No Sleep.” I can only imagine what he has locked away for next year. (Sharif notified us he has a song with Pre Kai Ro and a collaborative project with Mirrors arriving sometime next year).

Antoine is Ending the Year to Start Fresh with That “New Bae Sh*t” Energy

Similar to the sounds of PartyNextDoor, Drake, and Lil Bow Wow, Antoine proclaims that he is on a mission to bring back old school R&B. Coming from a household of musicians originating from Mauritius, East Africa, and Italy. Antoine carries the passion for music for both his mother and father, who still passionately express their musical talents to this day. However, do not digress when you look at how he showcases versatility in his music. Being versatile is what keeps him unique and open to proudly embracing his love for the early 2000s sounding production. Applying these effects into one with the release of “New Bae Sh*t.” Antoine’s latest R&B and Hip-Hop single.

Jamilah Barry Just Asks He will “Romance Me” at the End of the Day

London, United Kingdom’s aspiring 25-year-old R&B, Soul, Pop, and Hip-Hop recording artist Jamilah Barry. Emerges to the North American music scene with her latest project, “Romance Me.” A 4-track project heavily inspired by the 80s-90s in a Soul flow category. Jamilah Barry not only has a captivating appeal but holds a blissfully unique vocal trait. When I approached her project, with no clue what to expect, by the end, I had already played it back countless times, hoping it never ends. Jamilah is a young talent soon going to prosper in the R&B and Soul genres, undoubtedly.

Sophie Marks Coasts Down the “River” with Her New R&B Single

Indie Pop/R&B singer/songwriter Sophie Marks, based out of New York City, yet raised in Florida; shows inspiration from the likes of Prince, Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah, and Nelly Furtado through her Portuguese and Indian heritage appeal and vocal strengths. Often, connecting her inner self with her dedicated audience. Sophie recognizes her “complicated emotions” and embodies them within her stunning production. This rising star is notable for sharing her voice with the world through captured moments on TikTok and Instagram. Yet, she polishes her voice exquisitely on her singles: “Serendipity,” “Can’t Move,” and now with “River.”

Talall Lets Her Know That There is “Nothin’ Left” for Them

From Dubai to Toronto, ON. Rhythm and blues singer, songwriter, and producer, known by the music industry as “Talall,” is an old-school raised contemporary R&B innovator. With love and passion for music. Talall’s professionalism is mentally unmatched. Having taught himself to develop his sound and production. A home studio is all he needs to make a hit single like his newly released song “Nothin’ Left.” Imagine what could transpire if someone provided him with the key to an official studio.

Toronto Singer Katasha J Lets Him Know That He is Just a “Variation”

Toronto, Ontario-based singer/songwriter Katasha J is no new soul to R&B. Having aspired to become a singer from early on, thanks to the love of music in her household; Listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Brandy, Mariah Carey, and many others. Passionately prepared her for the stardom she is soon to receive. Usually intrigued by the essence of piano melodies, Katasha took a unique approach to her new single “Variation.” Replacing piano keys with an acoustic guitar melody. “Variation” is Katasha detailing a lover’s bond broken by one of them moving freely, cheating on the other individual. As she sings, “and you cannot get it back…” Leaving a statement. 

Khayyat, 77, & Cliff Lead Us Into the Winter with their New Single “Cold”

Saudi Arabia, Palestinian producer Khayyat, Egyptian producer 77, and fellow New Jersey artist Cliff team up for their first collaborative single titled “Cold.” A contemporary R&B single marking the way for their first release under SVNBIRDS Music Group. A team comprising five producers, two sound engineers, and two creatives, founded in early 2020 by producer 77. Since accumulating production credits from the region’s most promising acts; such as Moh Flow, Felukah, Mvrs, AceQuared, Sizer, Menon (from ‘The Recipe’), and many more… SVNBIRDS went from a beat store collective to a developed publication providing production, audio mixing, mastering, distribution, and promotion.

JuJu Binds Herself with Her Musical Talents through the Debut of “Soulties”

They say a star is born every five minutes, and in this case, her name happened to be Jonisha McKiever. McKiever was born in Petersburg, VA, but grew up in Richmond, VA. She had mentioned to Co-Sign Radio that she remembers that her parents had always grown fondly of the humming she did as a kid, and they knew right there she was destined to be a star. Music was a way of her feeling grounded as she would move a lot during her earlier days. Jonisha mentions that she started “writing poetry and raps at the age of 13”. This led her to write songs more fluently and effectively by the age of 16. As she grew older, she decided to proceed onward to college to pursue Business & Marketing. As time passed, she dropped out of school and grew tired of the white-collar lifestyle, and effortlessly maneuvered into music. Juggling many things, such; as work and music, she overcame obstacles and dropped her second studio track this following year. Jonisha is everything but lazy her work ethic is shown through her very raw and authentic lyrics. It’s shown that Jonisha’s soul is in-tuned with 80s R&B, and she refers to Rick James and Luther Vandross as being great musical influences in shaping her music career. Jonisha sees music as a way to cope with everyday struggles, and it is evident that she is consistent with turning her negatives into positives.

Brandon Christian Marks His Signature with a Vocal Twist on “Signed B.”

Memphis, TN; singer, songwriter, and producer Brandon Christian. Going from capturing our attention from his black live’s empowerment single “Off My Chest” featuring B. Hughes to keeping us intoned with his recent EP release titled “Signed B.” A signature mix of Brandon’s take on early ’00’s Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul. A perfect rapture combination. It is not only the notes that Brandon can naturally hit but his mellow tempo, which drives the urge for his music to be an everyday necessity. He has come a long way in a short period, and we are proud to have been there from early on. There is nowhere but up for this young talent. Especially with the release of “Signed B.,” proving his capabilities as an “artist.”   

Kaleem Taylor Knows That “She Knows,” So He Pushes Through

Capturing our attention with the releases of “Until” and “Questions,” two magnificent singles. Kaleem is soon to shine bright in the R&B scene next to Giveon and Brent Faiyaz. Boasting over 1,400,000 streams on Spotify alone, leading him to play sold-out headline shows in London, Manchester, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. Kaleem is a select individual with remarkable talents. His smooth, soulful sounds cultivated into an audience that desires his music. Waiting close by for each song he releases. A characteristic few artists can grasp, and this is only his beginning.

Kanise is Having to Choose Between Love and Pride with “My Bad”

Karrie Williams, better known by “Kanise” is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Having only just begun her musical venture last year. Kanise has already released three singles; “Go to Work,” “Wish You Well,” and recently “My Bad.” With her calmingly blissful voice, comparable to the likes of Jhené Aiko and Ari Lennox. Two well-established R&B and Soul innovators. “My Bad” is Kanise’s gateway to a crucial audience. The song is what she calls a “sultry vibe,” with a story told about choosing between love and pride, represented accordingly throughout the music video following the song release. With not much known regarding Kanise herself, we can grasp a sense of who she is and where she is leading towards as a musician. And we look forward to hearing what else she has in store.

Summers Ovver & Tre Kent Touch on Their “Trust Issues”

With the end of summer near, Summers Ovver leads us into fall with the help of fellow musician Tre Kent. Hailing from Salsbury, MD, Summers Ovver represents his hometown with the staple of his voice. A familiar yet, versatile falsetto which quickly captures the attention of his audience upon new releases. This young talent is not only notable for his vocalization but also his production. Summers works only with his musical associates: Bryan Michael Cox, Rodney Jerkins, and Brian McKnight, but takes the position in the role of his entire music development. Leading to the current release of “Trust Issues.”

Vancouver’s BIBO Ent.-Signee, Tanveer Badh, Celebrates with “Fruitloops”

Representing his hometown of Vancouver, BC., Canada, Tanveer Badh has recently caught our attention with his recent signing to BIBO Entertainment. Launching his musical career last year with “One,” Tanveer continues to develop his vocal presentation with the sounds of “Scenery,” and now “Fruitloops.” A name we are all familiar with from a child, “Fruitloops” (the Kellogs Cereal), was Tanveer’s last single he recorded in 2019. It was his heartbreak story detailing the tarnished relationships with his thought-to-be loved ones and friendships forever forgotten. Proud of his accomplishments so far, this young “Vancourite” has only just scratched the surface for what he is soon to foresee. With plenty of room in the R&B scene for Tanveer, we look forward to seeing where he stands a year from now.

From Basketball to the Music Industry, YaYa Tells His Story with “Change”

YaYa, a 21-year-old singer/songwriter, made the “Change” from playing international basketball to the music industry in just a few months. The former 6’6″ point-guard had no idea that pursuing music was even an option. Before the global pandemic that struck the world, let alone YaYa’s hometown of Toronto, his lifestyle revolved around basketball. With the (unfortunate) “thanks” to Covid-19, YaYa now can celebrate that he has a music career. Debuting his discography with “Change.” Having released this past Thursday, this SahBabii and Toosii inspired song has rediculous potential. It is rare for an artist to have their first single sit next to the sounds of their inspirations. We can only imagine where YaYa will be in a year. Wishing him all the best and not to give up on basketball. Try and balance both. YaYa is a multi-talented individual who now has two passions for careers upon his table.

Calabasas Celebrates “Believe in Me” with a Bottle of “Beaujolais”

From having you singing “Beaujolais s’il vous plait,” to dancing amongst others at a ballroom night club. The Image is unmasking their talents with back-to-back hit singles. Grasping their wide audience from the single “Believe in Me.” This duo sticks to their roots of cultivating a new style of Hip-Hop and Pop. With similar sounds to the likes of Kid Cudi, and Daft Punk. Calabasas cannot be categorized, as they redefy their odds with each song. Now, with the release of “Beaujolais,” they are once again pushing the boundaries. This new sound has a Hip-Hop and Rap essence but plays off their Pop single “Believe in Me.” An energetic bop, yet, head-nod night scene type of song. A cross between both mood balances and they did it with excellence. Be on the lookout for Calabasas in the next coming year. These two are not even at their full potential but have every reason to be.

Ian Matthew Sings About the “Bad Habits” That Comes with Love

Hailing from Connecticut, Foundation Media’s lead artist, Ian Matthew, continues to elevate his musical growth. Since capturing our attention with the release of “Conversation,” it was apparent that Ian was willing to invest in his career. With a professional audio engineering quality of sound, Ian Matthew already has a million-dollar sound while only at the jump of his career. Receiving an average of 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Ian is ready to release his fall season single “Bad Habits.” A song about misery loves the company; through the situational habits of love. This smooth delivery, lustful R&B single, is not to let get overseen. With the relatable lyrics and storytelling, this song is full of passionate energy. We can only imagine where his music will take him by this winter.

Gen Bello Realizes, He Wants to be More than Just “Friends”

New York-based singer/songwriter Gen Bello, known for her SZA inspired and approved sound. Has her recently falling into her musical “Desire” (song name by Gen) with her recent single “You Know.” Carrying the summer with her motivating R&B and Pop songs, Gen has crafted a sound suitable for her vocal capabilities, lifting the energy wherever they play. Leading her to placements on Spotify’s editorial playlists; “Fresh Finds: The Wave,” and “In My Bag.” From reaching 20,000+ monthly streamers on Spotify and categorizing her niche sound. Gen has released a follow-up single, “Friends.” A Dancehall & Pop transitional up-tempo summer jam. Rightfully captivating the currently “stuck at home” audience, but for the best of reason. To bring an aura of contentment and end our lonesome.

The UK’s Knucks Gets Knighted to the Round Table of “London Class”

He was known by his early-year classmates as “Knuckles,” but is now globally chanted as “Knucks.” The 25-year-old London-based rapper gets knighted to the round table of the upper class with his 2020 debut album titled “London Class.” A 12-track album that is full of skits, and has features from Sam Wise, KXYS, Loyle Carner, Venna, and Kadiata. If you are just finding out about Knucks now, you are not too late, but we recommend listening to his old music as well. The Hip-Hop and Rap enthusiast, and to some, a rap influencer, Knucks dominates the UK old school-rap blockade. Grasping my attention back in the early-2016/2017 era of the UK’s music scene. Once I heard “21 Candles,” I was hooked. Through pure wordplay and lyricism, he deserves the stardom received.

NateTaylorr Wants to Know if She is Coming to the “After Party”

Since captivating our interest with an appeal of The Weeknd’s influence. NateTaylorr makes his return to our interest with “After Party.” A hopeless romantic storyline, breaking down the life of a female who lives for the party life. Through pain and pleasure, Nate erupts his distaste for such acts, yet continues to fall for the same female type over again. “After Party” is an ear pumping sensual-R&B song that suits the nightlife driving aesthetic, raining down emotions while thriving the energy through your heartaches. If you are a fan of The Weeknd, you will undoubtedly enjoy NateTaylorr and his 1012 Entertainment.

ChoMbae Wants Her “4 Life” but She is Playing Hard to Get

Closely associated and acquainted with Minnesota’s notable R&B and Soul artists UPSTRZ and 7AE. ChoMbae fits right in next to them. Recently moving to Los Angeles, CA, from Minnesota, ChoMbae has chosen to pursue his passion and made it necessary for him to move to LA and take himself to the next level. By creating his appeal through the sounds of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Pop. ChoMbae is known for having similar sounds to his influences; The Weeknd, Chris Brown, and Bruno Mars.

Storming Into the Fall Season, Australia’s Autmn Rains Releases “Run2u”

Storming into the fall season. R&B and Soul singer/songwriter Autmn Rains, hailing from Australia, set the temperature with the release of her EP “Run2u.” The 7-track project featuring some notable songs, “Expectations (Freestyle)” and “Wassup,” has officially opened the door to the room of opportunity for this young female artist. With her already being compared to the likes of Jhené Aiko and H.E.R. Autmn has set herself up for a mass appeal when she reaches her generalized audience.

UPSTRZ is at the Point Where He Just Lets the Music and “Money Talk”

UPSTRZ, (formerly known) as “uPsTa!Rs,” is one of the newest R&B innovators. Raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, yet based out of Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the most underrated, but prolific, indie figures; notable for being a singer, songwriter, and producer. With a similar sound approach to Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and The Weeknd, UPSTRZ’s musical choice career is about to make the biggest “360,” by abbreviating his already established alias. Launching his brand-new image with the release of “Money Talk.” A Chris Brown type of R&B and Hip-Hop ‘club bounce’. I can already guarantee UPSTRZ is going to outreach a core audience by next year. Glad to see him finally going full-force.

Zenesoul Sets the Quarantine Mood with “Coffee” and R&B & Soul

Having been teasing her project “Coffee EP” with the releases of “WASTEMAN” featuring Anika Marie, and “Dxck Game.” Zenesoul satisfies her fans with an angelic and fun R&B & Soul project. The 9-track EP comfortably represents Zene (“Zen”) and where she is at musically with her career. It showcases not only her talent but the talent arising from Toronto and its surrounding boroughs (Brampton, ON). Being introduced to her through “WASTEMAN,” I knew she was special. Zenesoul is bringing an early-80’s sound while twisting it with modernized R&B (Hip-Hop), a rare entity. If you are looking for a calming getaway during quarantine, this is for you. Zenesoul has only just begun.

Toronto’s 96 Wants Her, but Does He “Need 2 Know” who She Truly is?

Toronto, ON’s “96” is a 24-years-old singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer. Before moving to Calgary, AB, 96 resided in Toronto, growing up in the hood of the Regent Park area. Being heavily influenced by the Toronto music scene, 96 took inspiration for his sound, from the music that surrounds his city. Thus leads to the break-down to his alias, “GOIN96HOST,” which is also the title to his project EP.

7AE Sings Too “Call On Me” if She Ever Needs to Reach Him

7AE (Pronounced “Jay”) is a storytelling R&B and Soul singer/songwriter who shines the brightest while singing at church. From Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, the young R&B-pioneer strives to leave his mark in the music scene. Captivating his gross audience with “NERVOUS,” “DETOX,” and ” BURNIN OUT.” 7AE went on a few-month hiatus to enjoy life and build on what he has already established, a career in music. With his first 2020 release, at the beginning of the year, being his single titled “Heaven Sent.” 7AE has returned to drop an end-of-summer R&B vibe, with “Call On Me.” A prime example of his vocal and lyrical capabilities, and how he stays true to his day-one fanbase. If you are not a fan of 7AE, yet, you will be after hearing this.

Kaash Paige Sets the Summer-Ending Mood with “Teenage Fever”

Since her album “Parked Car Convos,” and signing a record deal with Universal Music Group, Kaash Paige is still only at the beginning of her journey. Your teenager’s favourite female artist, amidst the current conditions, is about to bring on the flu-season with “Teenage Fever.” A 13-track full album with features from Don Toliver, SSGKobe, 42 Dugg, K Camp, and Isaiah Rashad. Her first official project with the recent signing to her new label.

Garren, Damar Jackson, and Kyle Banks Want it Exclusive with “No Lies”

Representing his hometown city of Los Angeles, CA, Garren is no stranger to singing his heart out through R&B and Soul. Having received Grammy Nominations for his vocal contributions to Dreamville’s “Revenge of the Dreamers III,” and Nipsey Hussle’s “Dedication” record. Garren is on the way to his stardom in the music industry. Debuting his musical potential with “the new (normal),” a 2019 digital album, Garren resurfaces to takeover 2020. Pairing up with the notoriously talented Damar Jackson and Kyle Banks for the release of “No Lies.”

Dwayne Patrick & Naye are Leading R&B, Can You “Keep Up?”

London, UK-based producer-turned-singer Dwayne Patrick takes us away with his timeless R&B and Soul single titled “Keep Up” featuring Naye. Gaining success from crafting beats for other UK-based singers and rappers, Dwayne decided to put it on himself to make a song with his musical knowledge. With a similar sound to North America’s Bryson Tiller and Chris Brown, with a first listen, you would not be able to notice the difference between Dwayne and the greats. “Keep Up” features the talented vocalist Naye, but is written and produced entirely by Dwayne Patrick himself. Showcasing his creative thinking and appeal when it comes to musical control, a talent not many have. If Dwayne continues to persevere, undoubtedly he has a singing career ahead of him. I am curious to see what he releases next, as this is only his beginning to a newfound career.

Ian Matthew is Looking to Vent with Her on a Late Night “Conversation”

Recently partnering with Foundation Media, Connecticut singer/songwriter Ian Mattew is prepared to make his official debut. With records comparable through sound and production to 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign, and Russ, Ian is not far from his break-through. His naturally appealing songs, “Highway” & “Ashtray,” we’re quick to place Ian Matthew as a new-found R&B and Hip-Hop fan favourite. With his songs doing incredibly well naturally, he currently sits with an estimated 22,000 monthly-listeners on Spotify, with a total of over 500,000 total plays. It is safe-to-say, Ian deserves what is coming.

Jorja Smith Fights for the Black Lives “By Any Means,” Voicing Courage

Voicing her support for the colour of her skin, Jorja Smith embraces her courage and strength to fight for the ones she loves and the ones that face the same challenges as she. Through the stars and night-sky “By Any Means,” Jorja swiftly sings away the darkened times of today. With the questionable acts of Police globally, mistreating those of colour, Jorja Smith sends a message to those that spend their days fighting for equality and recession. If you are unfamiliar with the United Kingdom, singer/songwriter “Jorja Smith,” you are in for quite the amaze. From working with Canada’s “Drake” to Africa’s “Burna Boy,” Jorja Smith is a select artist who has achieved more than most artists will in their lifetime, in the span of 2-years since stardom. Captivating an all-aged-range gap of listeners, Jorja has built herself a platform through her artistry to speak openly on global issues, which can benefit a mass popular opinion. Very inspiring work from Jorja, and to see her use her fanbase for this reasoning is encouraging to myself and hopefully to others.

Zenesoul & Anika Marie Define Their Definition of a “Wasteman”

Hailing from Brampton, ON, just outside of Canada’s hub for music, Toronto, Zenesoul takes control of the R&B and Neosoul music scene. On a mission to shine a light on Brampton and its culture, Zenesoul leads the way for all creatives. Through her experimental sound and appeal, taking inspiration from the likes of Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Brandy and Jill Scott; her vocal clarity is unmatched. Dating back to early-2019, Zenesoul launched her musical career with an EP titled “WORTH.” Just over a year later, she exceeds our expectations with production, sound, and aesthetics. With proven determination, she deserves this.

Kodamilo Gets Lost “In the Garden,” Trapped Between Bars and Melodies

Amidst being tangled “In the Garden” and finding himself as an artist, singer/songwriter Kodamilo is no stranger to R&B and Pop music genre. From authenticating his artistic creativity through the sounds of “Sober” and “Say It.” Kodamilo continues to push his limits and boundaries, even when feeling he cannot. Fully launching his career just over a year ago, Kodamilo has already received over 10-million all-time platform streams. That includes the networks of YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and many others. Moving independently, investing deeply in himself, Kodamilo will never have to look back now. A very influencing trait, not many creatives are willing to take that risk he is.

Colette Lush Just Wants to Get Him in the “Shower”

Orange County, Texas-born singer/songwriter Colette Lush, does not let her 2016 American Idol appearance steer her away from captivating an audience of her own. From having the eyes of Jennifer Lopez to Harry Connic JR., admiring her vocal talent, Colette continues to pursue a musical career independently. With a listen to her hit song “Cry,” back in early 2019 on SoundCloud, Colette instantly became one of my favourite female artists. The way she embraces her “Ginger” ways across her artist profile, mixing up her sound with Pop, Soul, and R&B. Colette is overall a genuine individual with aspiring potential.

Alayna Sings About the “Tender” Moments She Has Lived Through

New Zealand born singer/songwriter Alayna, known for her beautifully intriguing vocals and angelic aesthetic, sneakily releases a 6-track EP titled “Tender.” Labeled after one of the singles on the EP, “Tender” is full of Alayna’s natural talents with songs like “Sugar” & “Glowing,” representing her and her sound. Having discovered Alayna over a year ago from her Roundhead Studios live session recordings having posted to SoundCloud. Thank you, SoundCloud algorithm! I have yet, to be disappointed by a song by her.

LA-Based Singer Kyle Banks Returns with an EP Titled “Green Light”

LA-based singer/songwriter Kyle Banks has returned since debuting his 2020 year with “Wind It Down” & “Water.” Since grabbing my attention earlier this year with “Wind It Down,” Kyle has been an artist that I knew to keep a close eye on moving forward. With a clear LA-grunge R&B sound, but made apparent with his natural voice. Kyle ceases to disappoint. Releasing earlier this afternoon, “Green Light” is Kyle’s first official project, leading us into mid-summer. “Green Light” features the likes of Teejay3k, Deborah, Cozz, Kala.frfr, Bino Rideaux, and is hosted by Cypress Moreno. An R&B & Soul, Trapsoulesque sound mixed with LA Hip-Hop. A highly recommend by myself and Co-Sign Radio.

Kid Sharif & Mirrors are Manifesting Their Success with “Super Natural”

Manifesting his future success with his latest single “Super Natural.” Kid Sharif is not shy to accept that this will take some time because his music will last an eternity. Since beaming his way on the R&B and Hip-Hop music scene with his 2019 EP titled “LightBeam.” Sharif has continued to progress and alter his sound and image for the better. The warming melodic vocalization Sharif has established, heavily complimenting his tone, is incomparable. The closest comparisons are none other than Travis Scott and FRVRFRIDAY, but for Sharif, his sound is ultimately unmatched.

Dubai’s Mysterious sobhhï Says That It’s Time You “recognize you”

Dubai’s most-streamed R&B & Pop singer, songwriter, and producer, sobhhï continues to maintain his appearance and reputation with “recognize you.” Following the release of “quarantine and chill” with a music video back in early-2019, the mysterious sobhhï arises from the shadows. Despite the harsh global circumstances, sobhhï utilized the time productively to establish his 2020 image, which leads him to the release of “recognize you.”

Dubai’s Mysterious sobhhï Says That It’s Time You “recognize you”

Dubai’s most-streamed R&B & Pop singer, songwriter, and producer, sobhhï continues to maintain his appearance and reputation with “recognize you.” Following the release of “quarantine and chill” with a music video back in early-2019, the mysterious sobhhï arises from the shadows. Despite the harsh global circumstances, sobhhï utilized the time productively to establish his 2020 image, which leads him to the release of “recognize you.”

Calabasas, an LA-based Duo Just Wants You to “Believe In Me”

Calabasas is a Los Angeles, CA-based musical duo consisting of a vocal mashup between the two. From the lyrics to production, they balance out one another. The one-sided expressions on their blank faces may throw you abroad, but do not be mistaken when you hear their voices. Calabasas (Watrcup & Franskiiz) bury their mystique image through their Alternative-Pop and punctuated Hip-Hop, leaving it up to you to imagine the narrative.

AJay! & Cory Jones Make an Anthem with “Emperor’s New Groove”

R&B/Hip-Hop producer known by his audience as “AJay!,” was born and raised in Jackson, Ms. Growing up, coming from a family with a musical background. Though he enjoyed it, AJay did not get into music until later in high school. He attended Mississippi School of the Arts, where a friend of his would go on to introducing him to the program FL Studio (formerly, Fruity Loop Studio). Later in his life, “AJay!” would go on to graduating Full Sail University in Orlando, FL, get an internship at Icon Studios in Atlanta, Ga, and land placements with Gucci Mane and Cap 1.

Euroz Digresses to Express “Choices, Chances, Changes” on New Album

Las Vegas’ singer/songwriter “Euroz,” an emerging emcee who has collaborated with the likes of DJ Drama and Meek Mill, has just returned with “Choices, Chances, Changes.” This 7-track album, “Choices, Chances, Changes,” is a Hip-Hop & Rap life-altering piece of art. With notable tracks being “Terms & Conditions,” “Bulletproof Dreams,” and “Basket Case (featuring Dizzy Wright).” Euroz is one of Nevada’s most slept on musical lyricists.

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