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Tiara Imani Just Wants to Break Up Some “Bud,” Spark it Up, then Breath

If you are a fan of R&B, you absolutely need to get on the Tiara Imani ride. Destination? Hit-Town. She’s currently based in Los Angeles, CA, but has her roots in the DMV. Tiara Imani recently released her highly acclaimed single, “Bud.” A song off her upcoming EP (dropping very soon). Just in time for memorable summer nights and long drives with the windows low. In the song, Tiara Imani speaks about needing to relax, escaping from life’s everyday matrix. Whether it’s a stressful relationship, an anxious situation, or needing to take your mind away from the race, Tiara Imani helps you “Break it up, roll it up, light it up… breathe.” Definitely one to watch in 2021.

Dree Rivers Walks Away from the Relationship with “Bless Ur Heart”

Originating out of Houston, Texas, Dree Rivers is gaining momentum as an artist and producer. It takes a lot of talent to create a ballad specific to one genre, but Dree Rivers is eloquently fusing Rap with R&B. Creating timeless songs that resonate with the masses. Dree Rivers began his journey in music at an early age, using it as a tool to escape trouble. As time went on, Dree Rivers fell into a life-changing rabbit hole of discovering music. Influenced and inspired by multiple genres, Dree Rivers began cultivating his plan to take over the game. In 2020, Dree Rivers released his highly anticipated single “Westside Story”, a personal favorite that started my investigation into the up-and-coming star. Following “Westside Story” were back-to-back singles. All leading up to the release of his successful Album: “New Problems Vol. l”, which included “Nosebleeds” and “White Tees”, songs picked up by two notorious blogs: ‘Elevator’ and ‘Fashionably Early’. The story does not end there. Shortly after, Dree Rivers released a highly successful single “Bless ur Heart.” The first single of 2021. Written and Produced by Dree Rivers and Vanni (@whosvanni). A melodic masterpiece, featuring guitar and vocals. Simple and graceful. “Bless ur Heart” is about a relationship between two partners that did not go as planned. The song emanates from the perspective of a genuine partner involved with a toxic being. An anthem for those looking for some solace away from a bad situation. Dree Rivers has started the year on a good note, and I do not doubt in my mind that 2021 will yield life-changing results for this young star.

Sarina Might Say Today is Her “Worst Day,” but That is Soon to Change

DMV’s very own, Sarina, releases another jaw-dropper: “Worst Day.” Following her recent project, “Glass Paradise,” Sarina continues bewitching the world with her charming style and vocals. A mood setter. “Worst Day” is undoubtedly a high energy song with an impressive range. Sarina is most-known for catching your attention and keeping it. She did just that with this song. How? Some of it had to do with her head bopping hook, accompanied by crisp drums and unique instrumentation. Working alongside her producer Cherrybeetz, the two have created a lane for themselves, second to none. “Worst Day” has climbed to my top five best-produced tracks of the year. Silver Spring-based R&B artist Sarina is entering 2021 with intention and confidence, and we are here for it! You do not want to sleep on her. “Worst Day” out now on all streaming platforms. The music video is below.

Vancouver-based Band, Dacey, Plays Away When the “Night Calls”

Delighted to share with you a rising Canadian-based band called Dacey. After two successful back-to-back singles titled “Broccoli’s Keeper” and “SUMMERTIMEISDONE.” Dacey continues to keep its audience happy with their latest EP “SATIN PLAYGROUND.” After listening to the EP, I found myself going back to “Night Calls” (the fifth song on their EP). This acoustic ballad has all the ingredients of a sonic masterpiece. Dacey’s dreamy vocals guide the listener through the tribulations of a hopeless romantic involved with an estranged lover. Accompanied by a guitar and dubbed with soft vocals to keep the listener engaged. With this recent release, Dacey is automatically on my ones to watch list.

Canada’s Zenesoul and Aaron Ridge Touch on to “Love and Be Loved”

Canadian R&B Artist Zenesoul shines bright with her enchanting new single ‘Love and be Loved’ featuring Aaron Ridge. Zenesoul takes the listener through an emotional rollercoaster as she shares with us her trials when it comes to being in a relationship. She does a superb job at showing love’s intricate nature, which at times can seem like a push and pull battle. In the first part of the song, Zenesoul sends chills down our spines as she lures us into her world with her vocals. Singing, “I know I’m complicated, there ain’t a perfect lady, but you love me regardless of it.. “giving insight into the complexities that come with being involved in a romantic relationship. Later in the song, she features Aaron Ridge, who on the other end represents the partner accepting one’s flaws and loving unconditionally. Embracing her imperfections, “couldn’t be with any other, falling deep with you, my lover. Let me drown, pull me under”. This song showcases loves dynamic journey and will surely keep you listening. 

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