Boslen & Tyla Yaweh will Continue to "DENY" All Negativity; Moving On

Since marking his Canadian city of Vancouver, BC with “Hidden Nights,” “Eye for an Eye,” and “VULTURES” back in 2019-2020. 22-year-old Boslen is not just any ordinary up-and-coming artist. This well-established, multi-talented, genre-bending ‘Vancouverite’ is the next Travis $cott (but from Canada)Unsure if he has accepted that comparison or not? But regardless, it is spot-on. From his aesthetic presentation to hyper-active soundtracks, “Bozzy” or Boslen is undeniably a talent to watch over the coming years. 

Boslen‘s versatile sound has now landed him an opportunity to diverge into another sub-genre; Punk-Pop. Working alongside Post Malone‘s artist Tyla Yaweh on the single “DENY.” The second single from Boslen‘s forthcoming debut album; following his 2019 project “Black Lotus EP.” 

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