Calabasas Celebrates "Believe in Me" with a Bottle of "Beaujolais"

From having you singing “Beaujolais s’il vous plait,” to dancing amongst others at a ballroom night club. Calabasas is unmasking their talents with back-to-back hit singles. Grasping their wide audience from the single “Believe in Me.” This duo sticks to their roots of cultivating a new style of Hip-Hop and Pop. With similar sounds to the likes of Kid Cudi, and Daft Punk. Calabasas cannot be categorized, as they redefy their odds with each song. Now, with the release of “Beaujolais,” they are once again pushing the boundaries. This new sound has a Hip-Hop and Rap essence but plays off their Pop single “Believe in Me.” An energetic bop, yet, head-nod night scene type of song. A cross between both mood balances and they did it with excellence. Be on the lookout for Calabasas in the next coming year. These two are not even at their full potential but have every reason to be. 


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