Project Review

Morgan Gold Deserves a “SPOTLIGHT” with Her Recent Project

Chicago continues to push out the young talent within the music scene. Each year we see more and more artists surface in the R&B & Hip-Hop genre; Most notably Jeremih, but today it is Morgan Gold. Putting out her fourth EP titled “SPOTLIGHT,” I am reassured that this will spark a light for what is coming. The 5-track EP is a dark-R&B and Hip-Hop influenced project full of chill, immersive, rollercoaster of emotions, type sounds. It will have you turning your head, wondering, “Who is this!?” Sounding like the female R&B version of melodic rapper Melvoni from New York. Luckily, that is why I am putting you on to her before it’s too late. My personal two favourite tracks are “SPOTLIGHT” and “STAY DOWN,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. With a project of this quality, I cannot wait to hear her future records!

Mirrors Walks Through a “House Of Mirrors” to Strengthen His Career

With the rise of Vancouver, BC’s R&B & Hip-Hop music scene, one of the most prominent recording artists I have come across is Mirrors. Mirrors, most recognizable for his unique presence and melodic sound. Originally launched his music career producing for other ‘Van-City’ artists before focusing on his solo career. Having only five officially released singles before his debut project “House Of Mirrors.” Mirrors has already set a momentum for himself with the traction he has received thanks to the promotion of EscapeTracks for the release of “Seasons.” An R&B music platform that dominates the genre’s YouTube music network.

Gabby Zike Brings the Outdoors Inside with Her “Beachroom” EP

With the continuous rise of Contemporary R&B. More and more artists are now garnering the recognition they deserve. Besides the professionalism of audio engineering on their records. R&B truly showcases an artist’s vocal talent and range capabilities; and being a fan of Kehlani, Summer Walker, and Ella Mai. It is only right I showoff Gabby Zike. An independent artist arising in the Los Angeles, California’s music scene. With no music released before her “Beachroom” EP, which has only just released this past February 25th, 2021. Her sound-alike comparison to my personal female-R&B favourites has just added another to my list.

The Image is Back for the Release of “OKAY: An LA Story”

Since breaking-way with the releases of “Believe In Me” and “Beaujolais,” together garnering over a combined 1.5-million streams on Spotify alone. The Image made up of Watrcup (vocals and songwriting) and Franskiiz (vocals, production, and engineering), is now on the verge of bridging to the main stage with their 2021 debut EP “OKAY: An LA Story.” An 8-track project with features from Prznt and Kawelo, and a couple of recently released singles; “Every Women” and “Morning Prayer” building hype towards the project. “A job well done! This is a masterpiece” (by Justin, Founder of Co-Sign Radio). Stay on the look for what surprises they have throughout this new year.

7latenights Spent All “7latenights” Crafting His Deluxe Masterpiece for You

Representing New Jersey alongside his new team of “1012 Records,” 7latenights promised to deliver before the end of the year… and he did just that, striking a personal connection to the roots of R&B from earlier on. 7latenights promised his audience that his goal is to rebirth the authentic R&B and Soul sounds that the music industry lacks to showcase. Leading him to the deluxe release of his self-titled project “7latenights.” A strategically balanced 11-track masterpiece full of sad-soul R&B, Trapsoul, and early 2000s influenced R&B. An ideal body of work; something for every music lover scouting for the next talent.

Brandon Christian Marks His Signature with a Vocal Twist on “Signed B.”

Memphis, TN; singer, songwriter, and producer Brandon Christian. Going from capturing our attention from his black live’s empowerment single “Off My Chest” featuring B. Hughes to keeping us intoned with his recent EP release titled “Signed B.” A signature mix of Brandon’s take on early ’00’s Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul. A perfect rapture combination. It is not only the notes that Brandon can naturally hit but his mellow tempo, which drives the urge for his music to be an everyday necessity. He has come a long way in a short period, and we are proud to have been there from early on. There is nowhere but up for this young talent. Especially with the release of “Signed B.,” proving his capabilities as an “artist.”   

Kaleem Taylor Knows That “She Knows,” So He Pushes Through

Capturing our attention with the releases of “Until” and “Questions,” two magnificent singles. Kaleem is soon to shine bright in the R&B scene next to Giveon and Brent Faiyaz. Boasting over 1,400,000 streams on Spotify alone, leading him to play sold-out headline shows in London, Manchester, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. Kaleem is a select individual with remarkable talents. His smooth, soulful sounds cultivated into an audience that desires his music. Waiting close by for each song he releases. A characteristic few artists can grasp, and this is only his beginning.

The UK’s Knucks Gets Knighted to the Round Table of “London Class”

He was known by his early-year classmates as “Knuckles,” but is now globally chanted as “Knucks.” The 25-year-old London-based rapper gets knighted to the round table of the upper class with his 2020 debut album titled “London Class.” A 12-track album that is full of skits, and has features from Sam Wise, KXYS, Loyle Carner, Venna, and Kadiata. If you are just finding out about Knucks now, you are not too late, but we recommend listening to his old music as well. The Hip-Hop and Rap enthusiast, and to some, a rap influencer, Knucks dominates the UK old school-rap blockade. Grasping my attention back in the early-2016/2017 era of the UK’s music scene. Once I heard “21 Candles,” I was hooked. Through pure wordplay and lyricism, he deserves the stardom received.

Storming Into the Fall Season, Australia’s Autmn Rains Releases “Run2u”

Storming into the fall season. R&B and Soul singer/songwriter Autmn Rains, hailing from Australia, set the temperature with the release of her EP “Run2u.” The 7-track project featuring some notable songs, “Expectations (Freestyle)” and “Wassup,” has officially opened the door to the room of opportunity for this young female artist. With her already being compared to the likes of Jhené Aiko and H.E.R. Autmn has set herself up for a mass appeal when she reaches her generalized audience.

Zenesoul Sets the Quarantine Mood with “Coffee” and R&B & Soul

Having been teasing her project “Coffee EP” with the releases of “WASTEMAN” featuring Anika Marie, and “Dxck Game.” Zenesoul satisfies her fans with an angelic and fun R&B & Soul project. The 9-track EP comfortably represents Zene (“Zen”) and where she is at musically with her career. It showcases not only her talent but the talent arising from Toronto and its surrounding boroughs (Brampton, ON). Being introduced to her through “WASTEMAN,” I knew she was special. Zenesoul is bringing an early-80’s sound while twisting it with modernized R&B (Hip-Hop), a rare entity. If you are looking for a calming getaway during quarantine, this is for you. Zenesoul has only just begun.

Kaash Paige Sets the Summer-Ending Mood with “Teenage Fever”

Since her album “Parked Car Convos,” and signing a record deal with Universal Music Group, Kaash Paige is still only at the beginning of her journey. Your teenager’s favourite female artist, amidst the current conditions, is about to bring on the flu-season with “Teenage Fever.” A 13-track full album with features from Don Toliver, SSGKobe, 42 Dugg, K Camp, and Isaiah Rashad. Her first official project with the recent signing to her new label.

Kodamilo Gets Lost “In the Garden,” Trapped Between Bars and Melodies

Amidst being tangled “In the Garden” and finding himself as an artist, singer/songwriter Kodamilo is no stranger to R&B and Pop music genre. From authenticating his artistic creativity through the sounds of “Sober” and “Say It.” Kodamilo continues to push his limits and boundaries, even when feeling he cannot. Fully launching his career just over a year ago, Kodamilo has already received over 10-million all-time platform streams. That includes the networks of YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and many others. Moving independently, investing deeply in himself, Kodamilo will never have to look back now. A very influencing trait, not many creatives are willing to take that risk he is.

LA-Based Singer Kyle Banks Returns with an EP Titled “Green Light”

LA-based singer/songwriter Kyle Banks has returned since debuting his 2020 year with “Wind It Down” & “Water.” Since grabbing my attention earlier this year with “Wind It Down,” Kyle has been an artist that I knew to keep a close eye on moving forward. With a clear LA-grunge R&B sound, but made apparent with his natural voice. Kyle ceases to disappoint. Releasing earlier this afternoon, “Green Light” is Kyle’s first official project, leading us into mid-summer. “Green Light” features the likes of Teejay3k, Deborah, Cozz, Kala.frfr, Bino Rideaux, and is hosted by Cypress Moreno. An R&B & Soul, Trapsoulesque sound mixed with LA Hip-Hop. A highly recommend by myself and Co-Sign Radio.

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