Colette Lush Just Wants to Get Him in the "Shower"

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Orange County, Texas-born singer/songwriter Colette Lush, does not let her 2016 American Idol appearance steer her away from captivating an audience of her own. From having the eyes of Jennifer Lopez to Harry Connic JR., admiring her vocal talent, Colette continues to pursue a musical career independently. With a listen to her hit song “Cry,” back in early 2019 on SoundCloudColette instantly became one of my favourite female artists. The way she embraces her “Ginger” ways across her artist profile, mixing up her sound with Pop, Soul, and R&B. Colette is overall a genuine individual with aspiring potential.

Continuing her single song selection from “Burnt,” “Broke,” to now “Shower.” Colette does not seem to miss when it comes to catchy-well-spoken lyricism. They all heavily engage with the listener and are incredibly touching to the ears, well done, Colette! “Shower” closely compares to her break-out single “Cry,” where it begins softly, then leads to a dance-oriented chorus, allowing her majority, female fanbase, to enjoy life and feel free. It is your ideal song for a summer playlist.


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