Vancouver-based Band, Dacey, Plays Away When the "Night Calls"

Delighted to share with you a rising Canadian-based band called Dacey. After two successful back-to-back singles titled “Broccoli’s Keeper” and “SUMMERTIMEISDONE.” Dacey continues to keep its audience happy with their latest EP “SATIN PLAYGROUND.” After listening to the EP, I found myself going back to “Night Calls” (the fifth song on their EP). This acoustic ballad has all the ingredients of a sonic masterpiece. Dacey’s dreamy vocals guide the listener through the tribulations of a hopeless romantic involved with an estranged lover. Accompanied by a guitar and dubbed with soft vocals to keep the listener engaged. With this recent release, Dacey is automatically on my ones to watch list. 

 Dacey Andrada (Lead Singer)

 Justin Tecson (Guitarist & Keys)

Nathan Chan (Guitarist)

Joshua Akow (Bassist) 

Marco Marin (Drums)

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