Dree Rivers Walks Away from the Relationship with "Bless Ur Heart"


Originating out of Houston, Texas, Dree Rivers is gaining momentum as an artist and producer. It takes a lot of talent to create a ballad specific to one genre, but Dree Rivers is eloquently fusing Rap with R&B. Creating timeless songs that resonate with the masses. Dree Rivers began his journey in music at an early age, using it as a tool to escape trouble. As time went on, Dree Rivers fell into a life-changing rabbit hole of discovering music. Influenced and inspired by multiple genres, Dree Rivers began cultivating his plan to take over the game. In 2020, Dree Rivers released his highly anticipated single “Westside Story”, a personal favorite that started my investigation into the up-and-coming star. Following “Westside Story” were back-to-back singles. All leading up to the release of his successful Album: “New Problems Vol. l”, which included “Nosebleeds” and “White Tees”, songs picked up by two notorious blogs: ‘Elevator’ and ‘Fashionably Early’. The story does not end there. Shortly after, Dree Rivers released a highly successful single “Bless ur Heart.” The first single of 2021. Written and Produced by Dree Rivers and Vanni (@whosvanni). A melodic masterpiece, featuring guitar and vocals. Simple and graceful. “Bless ur Heart” is about a relationship between two partners that did not go as planned. The song emanates from the perspective of a genuine partner involved with a toxic being. An anthem for those looking for some solace away from a bad situation. Dree Rivers has started the year on a good note, and I do not doubt in my mind that 2021 will yield life-changing results for this young star.

Here is a recent interview we did with Dree Rivers. In this interview, we touched on his upbringing, influences, and more. Read the full interview below: 

Where are you from? 

“Houston, Tx” 

How did you get your start in the industry? 

“My mom worked a lot, so she put me in a choir to keep me from getting in trouble. I still got into shit, but I made a lot of industry connections so looking back it paid off.”

Were you influenced by certain musicians and or genres growing up? 

“All we listened to growing up was classic rock. That’s how I got started with the guitar. I didn’t even start getting into pop and RnB till I was like 11 when my older sister gave me her old phone; It had DrakeThe WeekndA$AP RockyMac Miller, just mad people, and after that, I knew that’s what I wanted to make.”


How much does your team contribute to your success? 

“So much, I wouldn’t be able to create what I’m creating without my team. Even if it’s a song I produce and write, they still keep me focused and grounded or tell me if a song is trash.”

As an artist, what is one major goal you wish to accomplish in the next 5 years? 

“I’m selling out Toyota Center.”

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