Eric Penn Bundles Together a Collection of Records for His Project "Songs I Wish You Heard"

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You may or may not have heard of Harlem‘s singer-songwriter Eric Penn. Known for his impactful soul single “Sinking Sand,” a song representing a stage in Eric‘s life, is expressed by the statement “No matter how good a person may feel, or how strong of a hold they have on you, you know when it’s not necessarily good for you.” Since becoming a father, Eric has discovered a newfound joy for indulging in soft, soulful melodies of his music. Leading to the release of “Songs I Wish You Heard.” 

Songs I Wish You Heard” features his profound knowledge for music and the instrumentation, enhancing the aura within each record. From “Safe Than Sorry” to “Impact,” Eric does not disappoint. Starting the project off with an upbeat tempo before slowing down to a more controlled sound, this was the project Eric‘s fans needed.


(Check out the project below! )

Co-Signed Lyrics:

Song: ” Sinking Sand

Sinking sand
I fell in sinking sand
Sinking in, never to see again
When the blind leads the blind
The best view is from behind
Hindsight 20/20, would you still power forward
With a look like Dirk, seeing shit from the outside
Would you round third?
Head to my crib in the night-time
If the head right probability is high
I’ll be there every night
Well at least a couple times
You can’t say that we didn’t try
You can’t say that we didn’t try

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