FFXRK Convinces Her To "Forget Him." Following His Song About Her Being Abused & "Treated Bad"

Born in the Philippines, the Melbourne singer & songwriter ‘FFXRK’ continues the prolong story of a female he knows, being mentally & physically abused. Running back to him for reconciliation and protection. The deeply emotional R&B & Soul song. Is a smooth-paced perception of the difficulties people face in intoxicated environments.

FFXRK: “The song is about the invitation of forgiveness, acceptance and picking up where intimacy was left behind.”

Alongside the song is a music video. Visualizing the overall perception the song portraits. FFXRK & his team perfectly executes the representation of ‘Emotional toxicity.’ We would highly recommend you look into FFXRK. He has been in our eyes for some time now, and this single really brought out the best of his capabilities. From writing, recording, mixing and mastering all of his music. We expect nothing but the best for this future young talent.


(Check out the track below! )

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