Q&A: HRTBRKFEVER tells us about being a hopeless romantic, 'Baby Fever,' and being influenced by john mayer


I am sure we all want to know, who is HRTBRKFEVER? How did you come up with the alias and what would you say to describe your up-bringing. Does your family have a musical background, or was it a path you naturally chose?

HRTBRKFEVER: HRTBRKFEVER, king of broken hearts, lolz. I am located, born and raised, in South Florida. Never seen snow a day in my life. So if you have listened to my music once, you will know I’m a loverboy, a hopeless romantic. Back in the day I made a song titled FEVER.” I started thinking that would be such a dope name. But knowing that it could possibly be in use or drowned out to all the searches of ‘fever,’ I knew I needed to add something else to it. I had come up with a bunch of different words but being the heartbroken soul that I am. It was only right to go by ‘HRTBRK’ with the vowels missing in the spelling. Just because that looks cool, right?

HRTBRKFEVER (Continues): So the meaning behind my name goes hand in hand with the reference ‘Baby Fever.’ “HRTBRKFEVER,” referring to me wanting to be heartbroken to turn my experiences into musical content for the “HRTBRKN” people of this world. 

HRTBRKFEVER (Continues): I do not necessarily come from a musical background. My father is a very creative soul and can dabble with his talents in certain musical scenarios. But I pretty much just fell in love with music myself. I had a great upbringing. I cannot complain a bit about my childhood. I was raised by a great family with brothers, and a sister, that are my best friends to this day.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard any of your music?

HRTBRKFEVER: I would describe my music as singing shit on 808’s. Making it sound cool to have a broken heart and relatable to anyone who has ever experienced relationship problems. My discography is like a thank you to my exes for making me a doper individual.

I am huge fan of your music. From the production to the melodic vocals. It reminds me a lot of FRVRFRIDAY. Would you consider him an inspiration to your sound? If so (or if not), who else would you consider influential to your music?

HRTBRKFEVER: FRVR really is the goat. He is a huge inspiration to me! Dude is probably one of the realest I have encountered in this industry. He is the one that recommend me to rebrand myself. I have to give him credit for pushing me in the direction to becoming ‘HRTBRKFEVER.’ I went by a different moniker before he put me on game. Giving me some advice about rebranding when we first worked together. My other inspirations are definitely: PARTYNEXTDOOR , BLACKBEAR and FRANK OCEAN. They are the artist that push me to be unique with my own noise, and their brands are very inspiring to me.

When did you begin writing and recording music? What motivated you to record your first song?

HRTBRKFEVER: Man.. my first song was a love song called “lost in love”. I probably have written over 500 songs about love since then. Sounds cliché, but girls motivated me to put my feelings into music… I took guitar lessons when I was younger and the teacher mentioned that it is easier to play if you sing along while you are practicing. Ever since then I have been singing and pushed myself to start recording. This is close to 10 years ago.

HRTBRKFEVER (Continues): John Mayer was the artist that really inspired me to start a band with my friends. Jump-starting my direction in music. My style has evolved tremendously over the years. I have dabbled in tons of genres and even consider myself to be a very diverse writer and artist.

Besides being a singer/song writer, do you aspire to do more than just music? Also, what is your take on writing for other artists?

HRTBRKFEVER: Honestly, my main goal in life is to be successful in the music industry and prove a point to anyone that has ever doubted me. So yes, and no. I have many aspirations in and out of the industry but my main focus is to make waves as a singer/song writer. I love writing for other artists as well as other artists writing for me. I have wrote a lot of songs for different artists of both genders and plan to have continued success in that sense. Big moves being made behind closed curtains as a song writer for myself, and.. a few artists that I respect very highly. HIDDENHILLS and MIKEY100K are two artists that have written songs for me. I love collaborating with talented writers to experiment and create something you could have never imagined on your own.

I’ve noticed from the beginning of your music career, you engage with your supporters/work with various artists in the same level as you are. What is your take on supporting other artists, producers, designers?

HRTBRKFEVER: I always show love to artists when they have something special. I have always taken an interest in networking with people just as serious as myself in their craft. If you send me something hard as hell! I will let it be known. Same as if someone sends me something wack.. I will always be straight up. Giving praise or advice when necessary. As for my supporters, I will always engage with them in some sense. I feel blessed to have anyone take interest in me. I’ve made music for years.. trying to get people to listen. So it is a great feeling to have people reach out and let me know how they feel about it.

HRTBRKFEVER (Continues): I think it is necessary to show support to everyone, but I also think you shouldn’t beg for peoples approval. If you know in your heart that you are dope, the people will support you in perfect timing. I never try to beg anyone to listen to my shit and you shouldn’t either.. You can’t be annoying in how you move, that is never cool..

What would you tell an artist just starting off (singing, raping, producing, etc..) about being consistent and the music industry itself?

HRTBRKFEVER: I would tell the artist to stop worrying about the plays and the following.. Focus on making smart moves and being consistent with your music. I would say to be un-bias when you are listening and creating your own music. Make sure it makes you feel some type of way.

HRTBRKFEVER (Continues): I always try to write and relate to how other people are feeling, not just myself. Don’t be scared to reach out to other people. But be cautious of how you would react to how you approach them if they reached out to you. In that same sense. Be ready to pop off whenever you get any shot at a break. You don’t want to have a great opportunity and not be ready for it to happen! Always be as prepared as possible. NEVER STOP CREATING.

Lastly, what is one positive thing you could say about yourself?

HRTBRKFEVER: Hrtbrkn, but still a nice guy.

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