Ian Matthew is Looking to Vent with Her on a Late Night "Conversation"

More on Ian Matthew:

Recently partnering with Foundation MediaConnecticut singer/songwriter Ian Mattew is prepared to make his official debut. With records comparable through sound and production to 6LACKTy Dolla $ign, and RussIan is not far from his break-through. His naturally appealing songs, “Highway” “Ashtray,” we’re quick to place Ian Matthew as a new-found R&B and Hip-Hop fan favourite. With his songs doing incredibly well naturally, he currently sits with an estimated 22,000 monthly-listeners on Spotify, with a total of over 500,000 total plays. It is safe-to-say, Ian deserves what is coming.

Content with his success, Ian is heavily driven by his love and passion for music. Leading to the follow-up single “Conversations.” “Conversations” is an energetically-smooth R&B & Hip-Hop flirtatious record. It balances the two genres, intertwining the melodies and emotions singly as one. An intertwining balance which will guarantee the endless repeats this song is going to foresee upon release. We highly recommend this artist to you and believe he is about to prove his worth with his “Conversations.” 


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