Two Brothers J-Unity Turn Up the London Scene with "MADTING"

More on J-Unity:

Twin brothers Jamaal and Jerome, better known as “J-Unity” are not a band, but an “artist” duet. Born and raised in London, England, J-Unity continues to aloud their love and admiration for music, more specifically R&B. Generating their first buzz back in 2013 from their appearance on the hit UK TV series “Britain’s Got Talent.” J-Unity continues to redefine the odds of being a “one-hit wonder” with continual growth and sound development. Creating a unique duo, two sounds that compliment one another, leaving you stumbling on if it was just one singer on each song.

Just recently becoming one of my favourite selections with their single “Unofficial” releasing at the beginning of this year. J-Unity ceases to disappoint, coming to their hot streak with their singles “Aisha” and now “MADTING.” Representing their hometown of London, using UK slang “Madting,” J-Unity makes a club bop. A perfect song for the spring-summer season. It is only up from here for these brothers with their taste for success as they strive to release the best music they can. 


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