Joël is Getting Mixed Signals So He Replies With "I'm really tryna hear you out but..."

TorontoON‘s “Grunge Gospel” singer-songwriter Joël, real name Joël Lobban, is your soon-to-be favourite R&B & Soul singer. Since releasing his debut Album “Grunge Gospel – Side A” early 2019. Joël continues to meet expectations with his follow-up singles “Disarm” & “So Blue.” Now entering the second month of 2020, Joël showcases his vocal talents once again with “I’m really tryna hear you out but…” An R&B & Soul single addressing him catching mixed signals from a special someone. 

“I’m really tryna hear you out but…” is a good feelingmood-settingR&B & Soul song that you could picture being played in a coffee or mom & pop shop. It has a proportional Jazzy, yet, R&B setting. Consisting of nothing but energy all around as you bob your head to the rhythm.  


(Check out the track below! )

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