Jorja Smith Fights for the Black Lives "By Any Means," Voicing Courage

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Voicing her support for the colour of her skin, Jorja Smith embraces her courage and strength to fight for the ones she loves and the ones that face the same challenges as she. Through the stars and night-sky “By Any Means,” Jorja swiftly sings away the darkened times of today. With the questionable acts of Police globally, mistreating those of colour, Jorja Smith sends a message to those that spend their days fighting for equality and recession. If you are unfamiliar with the United Kingdom, singer/songwriter “Jorja Smith,” you are in for quite the amaze. From working with Canada’s “Drake” to Africa’s “Burna Boy,” Jorja Smith is a select artist who has achieved more than most artists will in their lifetime, in the span of 2-years since stardom. Captivating an all-aged-range gap of listeners, Jorja has built herself a platform through her artistry to speak openly on global issues, which can benefit a mass popular opinion. Very inspiring work from Jorja, and to see her use her fanbase for this reasoning is encouraging to myself and hopefully to others. 


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