Kaash Paige Pays Homage to Her Musical Influence "Frank Ocean" Referencing the Colour Orange

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Dallas, Texas’ Kaash Paige known for her TikTok-assisted viral single “Love Songs,” turned her to a household name. 19-year-old D’kyla Paige Woolen, better known as “Kaash Paige,” is your soon-to-be favourite R&B singer-songwriter. Having signed to Def Jam, sung on Don Tolivers “Euphoria” featuring Travis Scott, and even released her debut project last year titled “Parked Car Convos.” Kaash Paige has only just begun. 

Paying homage to one of her admirable musical influences Frank Ocean on her latest single she named after him. “Frank Ocean” is Kaash Paige‘s gateway into the new year. Showcasing her vocal talent and engineering creativity referencing Frank Ocean‘s “Thinking about you” found on his studio album titled “channel Orange.” Singing “What if, what if I called you right now? What if I kissed you right now, would you go?” Kaash poetically contrasts her love for this somebody, while referencing her love for Frank Ocean (the singer) musically. 


(Check out the track below! )

Co-Signed Lyrics:

Song: “Frank Ocean

“You know I think about you
But do you think about me?
Like Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean (Frank Ocean)
I know your favorite color orange
You know my favorite color green
Mix pills and potions (Pills and potion)
Mix pills and potions (Pills and potion)”

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