Kai Baez Gives an Acoustic Twist to His Music on "liah's interlude."

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With the recent rise of dark-R&B and Trapsoul, New York never really stood out. Now with the rise of fandom amongst these genres, we are seeing a transition. A lot more artists are tapping into R&B and one of these individuals is Kai Baez hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Kai has been steadily releasing records dating back to 2019, across DSP’s; Most notably the free streaming platform of SoundCloud. Garnering a relative fanbase and consistent streaming count. Kai is now trying something new with a similar sound to Brent Faiyaz. An acoustic dark-R&B sound. This being his latest record “liah’s interlude.” A smooth guitar-based melody is full of conditional attachments that Kai has yet to let go of. Beautifully executed! 

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