Kaleem Taylor Knows That "She Knows," So He Pushes Through

More on Kaleem Taylor:

Capturing our attention with the releases of “Until” and “Questions,” two magnificent singles. Kaleem is soon to shine bright in the R&B scene next to Giveon and Brent Faiyaz. Boasting over 1,400,000 streams on Spotify alone, leading him to play sold-out headline shows in London, Manchester, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. Kaleem is a select individual with remarkable talents. His smooth, soulful sounds cultivated into an audience that desires his music. Waiting close by for each song he releases. A characteristic few artists can grasp, and this is only his beginning.

Building the hype to his new 2020 album “She Knows” with the releases of “Until” and “Questions.” A key element in this album’s success. This entire album of 7-tracks has “no skips.” Enduring. I can tell that by next year, Kaleem is going to be a household name. He appeals to the younger and adult audiences, which is hard to balance out nowadays, but he pulls it off. I cannot imagine what else he has in store. We will continue to watch this Hertfordshire R&B vocalist rise to the top.


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