Kanise is Having to Choose Between Love and Pride with "My Bad"

Karrie Williams, better known by Kanise is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Having only just begun her musical venture last year. Kanise has already released three singles; “Go to Work,” “Wish You Well,” and recently “My Bad.” With her calmingly blissful voice, comparable to the likes of Jhené Aiko and Ari Lennox. Two well-established R&B and Soul innovators. “My Bad” is Kanise’s gateway to a crucial audience. The song is what she calls a “sultry vibe,” with a story told about choosing between love and pride, represented accordingly throughout the music video following the song release. With not much known regarding Kanise herself, we can grasp a sense of who she is and where she is leading towards as a musician. And we look forward to hearing what else she has in store.


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