Katyayani Makes Him Aware That She Has "No Time"


South Asian artist “Katyayani,” based in Boston, Massachusetts, is an emerging versatile vocalist who sets to embrace romance through soul and R&B. With only now two singles released, both “Feel” & “No Time” are only opening the gates to what is to come. Raised in Singapore, Australia, and IndiaKatyayani creatively expresses her demographical impacts through her image, sound, and production. All while connecting it back to the roots of soul and R&B music. 

“No Time” is a breakdown of an unfortunate one-sided relationship. A clear unattachment from the significant other, through the powerful drive of ‘sexual chemistry.’ Katyayani states: “blinded by love, we often become impulsive and self-sabotaging, ignorant to our own pain.” An impactful statement that justifies the current state of society today. Wishing Katyayani nothing but the best as she immerses herself in her musical passion.


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  1. Hello how are you !! love your platform I was wondering what’s the proper channels do I go about getting featured on it. It would be more then a honor thanks in advance

    1. Justin Polinsky

      Hi There,

      Thank you for the kind words! If you’re looking to submit a song or project for potential placement. Please go to our “Services” tab and select the form that best suits your inquiries.



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