Kayeandre Brings Awareness to Drug Addiction Through His Latest Single "Don't Call Me"

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23-year-old Long IslandNYR&B & Soul singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer “Kayeandre” has a message he’d love to share with the world. Coming from Long IslandKaye explains there isn’t much to his hometown. Being an R&B & Soul singer, Kaye felt isolated from the scene. Pushing him away from the New York sound and gravitating him to the sounds coming out of VirginiaLA, and Toronto. With the help of his father and brother accepting his musical pursuit. Kaye has been able to hone in on expressing his situations through his music, to endeavour on it becoming his “Nine-five.” 

Current day, Kaye releases his follow-up single to “Now you…” with “Don’t Call Me.” An R&B & Soul single with profound meaning. Speaking openly on addiction, a renowned topic today. “Don’t Call Me” is Kaye‘s way of bringing awareness to addiction through the trauma in his voice. Having lost family and friends near dear to his heart, Kaye does not want this song to be mistaken. Singing “You can’t call me on my cellphone, no that shit ain’t gonna fly no more,” Kaye says that he is speaking on addiction pushing him to feel a type of way. I am sure a lot of us can relate to his situation, and we at (Co-Sign Radio) do not want this topic to subside. We stand with Kaye and his decision to speak openly on this topic. 


(Check out the track below! )

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