Kid Sharif is Working Overtime to Prepare for 2021, Getting "No Sleep"


Kid Sharif, better known as “Sharif,” is a West Coast Vancouverite uprising to the top of BC’s music scene. Working closely with the notable producer/engineer Kultar or “Kultar Got Bounce,” and on this single, “40k.” Sharif focuses on building a longevity relationship with an elite team of musicians guiding both Sharif and his team closer to their city’s awakening. A rather unthought-of approach, yet dominant to those that accomplish; this is his steady thinking, and it shows with his strategic releases throughout this past year. With “Vibe,” “Super Natural (feat. Mirrors),” “Wolves,” and now “No Sleep.” I can only imagine what he has locked away for next year. (Sharif notified us he has a song with Pre Kai Ro and a collaborative project with Mirrors arriving sometime next year).   

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