Kidsnot$aints., a Trio, End the Year with Their R&B Single "Entitled"


When considering alternative Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop, a few names come to mind. From Drake to Frank OceanJohn Mayer to BROCKHAMPTON. A variety of “cultured music” seamlessly resonates with your average streaming platform user. Now imagine if there was a group of musicians just as talented, yet unheard-of. Yes, there are many. But have you heard of Kidsnot$aints.? Didn’t think so. This group features Josh, a producer/singer, Raphael, a singer/songwriter, and Alan, a singer/songwriter. With the artistic guidance from their creative directors, Brandon and Mikey. A talented and enjoyable bunch of performers looking to “create timeless memories and unforgettable moments.”

Having just begun their journey this past year with the release of “Daydreamer.” A song that set up their entire career, generating over 375,000+ streams on Spotify alone. These “Kids” are professionals. They know what they want and are doing all the means necessary. I respect their hard efforts, and it shows. Leading them to the release of “Entitled.” A remarkable up-tempo alternative Pop song, representing each member’s dedication and professionalism from the production to the vocalization. A timeless record, if I say so myself. I wish nothing but the best for these talented individuals and can see a bright future ahead!

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