The UK's Knucks Gets Knighted to the Round Table of "London Class"

He was known by his early-year classmates as “Knuckles,” but is now globally chanted as “Knucks.” The 25-year-old London-based rapper gets knighted to the round table of the upper class with his 2020 debut album titled “London Class.” A 12-track album that is full of skits, and has features from Sam WiseKXYSLoyle CarnerVenna, and Kadiata. If you are just finding out about Knucks now, you are not too late, but we recommend listening to his old music as well. The Hip-Hop and Rap enthusiast, and to some, a rap influencer, Knucks dominates the UK old school-rap blockade. Grasping my attention back in the early-2016/2017 era of the UK’s music scene. Once I heard “21 Candles,” I was hooked. Through pure wordplay and lyricism, he deserves the stardom received.


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