Knyves Escobar is "Lost" And Can't Find Her Way Back Home, Reciting The Hook of Her 2020 Debut Single

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R&B singer-songwriter ‘Knyves Escobar‘ is not an artist you’re probably familiar with, but she’s about to change that. From immaculate production to emotionally-controlled tones in her vocals, Knyves is undoubtedly an artist to look out for this year. Having been previously featured on Elevator MagazinePitLondon & the Washington Post, she still has many more milestones to achieve. I can tell by the recent music Knyves has been working overtime to prepare for this new release. A song referencing the early-2000’s Justin Timberlake & T.I single “Dead & Gone.” Being lost while intoxicated, trying to find her way back home. 

With the start of a new decade for Knyves, “Lost” is a perfect representation of where she is at musically. With a consistent flow of vocal ranges throughout the song, while staying on key, “Lost” could be “The One!” It is a song that will bring you back for more. We wish her the best of luck with the release, and she has made her mark on our 2020 radar.


(Check out the track below! )

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