Kodamilo Gets Lost "In the Garden," Trapped Between Bars and Melodies


Amidst being tangled “In the Garden” and finding himself as an artist, singer/songwriter Kodamilo is no stranger to R&B and Pop music genre. From authenticating his artistic creativity through the sounds of “Sober” and “Say It.” Kodamilo continues to push his limits and boundaries, even when feeling he cannot. Fully launching his career just over a year ago, Kodamilo has already received over 10-million all-time platform streams. That includes the networks of YouTubeSpotifyApple MusicSoundCloud, and many others. Moving independently, investing deeply in himself, Kodamilo will never have to look back now. A very influencing trait, not many creatives are willing to take that risk he is. 

From preparing us with the release of the song-inspiring the EP titled “In the Garden,” released months prior. The EP features 9-songs with a wide range of genres from R&B to Soul and Pop to Hip-Hop. Kodamilo comes correct on each track. My personal favourites are “In the Garden” & “LA Nights.” Two very well put together bodies of work. Kodamilo does not let his engineer miss when it comes to his production, job well done!  Co-Sign Radio wishes you nothing but the best. 


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