To Get to Where He is Today, Kodamilo Justifies He Had to Dodge All The Snakes "In the Garden"

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KodamiloStarbucks‘ nation-wide “Vibe-setting” recording artist and producer is still a young up-and-coming talent that continues to reach new milestones. At the current age of 22, Kodamilo has garnered millions of plays across all streaming platforms, showcasing his darkened sensual-R&B sound. With the likes of Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and Miguel, Kodamilo deserves a standing spot next to those names as he never defaces his spotlight with each release. 

Having said, Kodamilo, after 5-months’ passing has returned with the release of “In the Garden.” A representation of how people that have come and left throughout his career, forcefully pushes him to step over and watch them plead the fifth. “In the Garden” allowed Kodamilo to try a different approach to his sound and production. Stating, “This project for me is about expressing more detail and exploring vulnerability about my shortcomings and ambitions.” Even though time has been passing, I still believe Kodamilo has tons more to accomplish, and this is the year to do so. 


(Check out the track below! )

Co-Signed Lyrics:

Song: “In the Garden

“Day job, five days
Monday through Friday
But I still work 25/8
What can I say?
Cause when I get home
I’m grinding, tryna, find a way, oh
Hit the west coast when I migrate, oh
I’m just tryna, buy a house in the hills
Pay respect and I pay my parents bills”

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