Lauren Sanderson Stands By The Quote "Midwest Kids Can Make It Big," On Her 2020 Debut Album

More on Lauren Sanderson:

24-year-oldFort WayneIndiana, singer & songwriter “Lauren Sanderson” has been scaling the music charts since the release of “In My Head.” With the mid-’90s aesthetic to her image, Lauren is a clear representation of what “Just being yourself” truly is. From Rap to PopLauren diversifies her sound in very meticulous ways. With the new year begun, Lauren takes no time but to start it off with a debut R&B & Pop album. Having grown and been heavily inspired by the midwest culture, Lauren lets it be known “Midwest Kids Can Make It Big.”


(Check out the track below! )

Co-Signed Lyrics:

Song: Hotel Room

“Gas station pop and cigarettes
I like you lots babe, I’m a mess
I be lying out a lot when I feel stressed
I know I prolly sound so pessimist
I just wanna live fast tonight
I just wanna do, do you right
And if you with it then baby
Come with me
I’ll get you tonight”

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