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East Sacramento’s 21-years-old R&B singer ‘Lex Aura’ sits down to answer some highly requested questions. With his most popular song being “Special” featuring Toronto’s ‘Jazz Cartier’ & California’s ‘Rexx Life Raj’. Lex Aura details his “not-so-musical” upbringing and being under appreciated as a singer & songwriter.

Who is “Lex Aura” and what can you tell us about yourself? 

Lex Aura: I was born and raised in Sacramento, more specifically ‘East Sac’ (East Sacramento). I am currently 21-years-old.

What is your opinion on growing up in Sacramento, California. Did you enjoy it growing up? And do you still currently reside there?

Lex Aura: I love Sacramento, it’s the perfect size city in my opinion. Not too big and not too small. My album “Attraction” is heavily based on how I perceive Sacramento and what I experienced growing up there. Yes, I currently live in ‘Sac’ (Sacramento, CA) and I don’t plan on leaving..

How did you get into singing and writing music? Do you have family members that are musically talented, or was it something you got in to naturally?

Lex Aura: My family has zero history of music. I got into singing and songwriting because of a band called “System of A Down” (System of A Down is an Armenian-American heavy metal band from Glendale, California) they’re still one of my favourites to this day. I originally started on guitar when I was seven and had the goal intent of just being a music producer.

Being only 21-years-old and working with the likes of Mozzy, G-Eazy & Dave East. That must be a surreal feeling.. I have noticed you have many records with Mozzy, what is it like working with him?

Lex Aura: It’s very interesting working with well established artists. Mainly because I’ve listened to most of their work and have known of them for quite a while. ‘Mozzy’ (American rapper from Oak Park, Sacramento) is great, he’s done a lot for Sacramento and has definitely helped open the door for musicians in the city.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard a “Lex Aura” song? I personally would describe it as “Sensual R&B & Hood Hip-hop?” that people would cruise around to at night.

Lex Aura: That’s a tough question I usually describe my music as ‘nocturnal.’

Having recently came across your music from the YouTube’s recommendations. Do you feel that you’re getting the recognition you deserve? 

Lex Aura: No, not at all. But I’m extremely confident that I will get the recognition I deserve in due time. I have high expectations for myself..

What is the Sacramento music scene like in your opinions? Especially in the R&B scene? I have spoken to a couple other artists from Sacramento and they seem to say it is underrepresented. Would you agree with that?

Lex Aura:  I think artists like ‘Yelly‘ and ‘MarMar Oso‘ represent the R&B scene well.

Knowing your image is pretty “Low-key” from the media. What can we expect from you in the new-year? Are you working on another project? And can we expect to see more of “Lex Aura” on the forefront of R&B? 

Lex Aura: Yes, I’m currently working on my sophomore ‘LP’ (Long playing or Album) and it has a different feeling from ‘Attraction’. I think I’ve grown a lot since then and I’m loving the new direction my music is headed. You can expect to see more of Lex Aura on the forefront of music not just R&B.

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