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For the people who do not know. Who is ‘Los Audio Kimikos’ and how did you guys meet to become the infamous Latin-American music producing duo?

Los Audio Kimikos: Los Audio Kimikos is a producer duo consisting of Liby (Danny Lasnier) & Kiko (David Carby). We were both born and raised in Montreal, Canada. We both met since we were both hanging around the same crowd back in the day. Liby was producing for a Dominican music group and he would always invite me to the studio to chill. I ended up joining shortly after and we’ve been grinding together ever since.

How did you come up with such a unique name? How does ‘Los Audio Kimikos’ transcend to making R&B-Latin style music?

Los Audio KimikosLos Audio Kimikos” translates to “The Audio Chemists” and describes us well since we like to mix styles. Back when we worked in the group, one of the artists gave us that name randomly one day after getting out of the booth. We found it catchy and unique, since that day it stuck.  

Los Audio Kimikos (Continues)Initially, we started making Reggaeton & Hip-hop, from there we expanded to Trap & R&B.  

What was it like growing up in Montreal, Canada? How does that compare to the Dominican, musically and culturally?

Los Audio KimikosGrowing up in Montreal was super blessed. There are so many nationalities here, making it easier to get inspired. 

Los Audio Kimikos (Continues)It’s a completely different vibe from the Dominican Republic. Life over there is more laid back and relaxed, you know how it is on the island.

Did you guys grow up in the Dominican? And if so, having been to both Canada & the Dominican, did/does that impact your guys’ musical inspiration(s)?

Los Audio KimikosNope, both of us were born and raised in Montreal. The music from there has influenced us and you can hear it mostly on our Reggaeton records. We are very proud of our Dominican heritage and try to incorporate it as much as we can into our music.

Who were your influences for music growing up? Did you have any family members that influenced your journey to becoming producers or was it all out of personal interest? 

Los Audio KimikosMusic was a huge part of growing up for us. Dominicans are always playing music. Whether it’s a huge party or a small get together with family, music is a priority.  

Speaking of influences. Who were your artist or producer influences for music growing up, besides family, and who do you look to for this modern aged music? Also known as the “New Wave” of sounds.

Los Audio KimikosA few of our influences are: Michael JacksonAventuraSwizz BeatzScott Storch, and Daddy Yankee. In regards to the “New Wave” of music, The Weeknd, and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

I came across your guys’ name from a song with ‘FRVRFRIDAY’ & ‘7onestarr’ on your project “Late Nights & 808s.” What can you tell us about how that project came together and the meaning behind it?

Los Audio KimikosI was going through a rough time in my personal life and driving home I would always be in my bag contemplating and reflecting. Since I am not the best talker, I decided to express myself via music. I went to Liby with the idea of doing an English R&B ‘EP‘ and he was on board with it.  

Los Audio Kimikos (Continues)The goal was to create music that the average person can relate to. Not everyone can connect to having money, diamonds, and luxuries, but everyone has had relationship problems and emotions.  

Los Audio Kimikos (Continues)Even the title was super important to us. I picked it out even before we had a track done. I would usually leave the studio late at night to go home, and if you know me, you know in my tracks I need the kick and ‘808‘ to knock.

What was it like to know that ‘FRVRFRIDAY’ the “Youth R&B Influencer” was going to be featured on your project? How did you manage to get him onboard?

Los Audio KimikosI hit him up with the idea and he was more than happy to jump on. He makes similar music, so it was easy for him to bless us with the crazy vocals on “I Heard.” A lot of people feel the track, and we are forever grateful. 

We noticed you have garnered over one-million streams across your music platforms. What are your overall, personal biggest accomplishments so far, and what are your thoughts on having over one-million streams?

Los Audio KimikosIt’s a great feeling, to be honest. Knowing that a song we produced in our humble studio was enjoyed so much by so many people. We are very appreciative of having worked on songs that have generated so many streams. We are working on growing that number this year.

Can you give us your input on the music industry nowadays, do you like the way it’s going?

Los Audio KimikosWe find it super dope that nowadays, the craziest tracks were produced by a young adult in their bedroom and headphones. It’s insane for real. Technology has made it easier for people to express their emotions via music and making bangers.  

What would you tell someone just getting into producing? Any tips, programs or inspiration you could give them.

Los Audio KimikosRome was not built in a day so practice, practice, practice. Your first beats might not slap how you want them to but that should motivate you to learn and get better every day.

Los Audio Kimikos (Continues)The ‘DAW‘ we’ve been working on for years is FL Studio and we strongly recommend it.

What can we expect from you guys going into the new year? Any projects, collaborations or possible label deals you can disclose?

Los Audio KimikosWe have a few singles stashed away ready to drop. We also plan on releasing an ‘EP‘ with Cruzito called “Alter Ego 2”.   

Los Audio Kimikos (Continues)Who knows, we might even drop a follow up to “Late Nights & 808’s.”

What is one positive thing you both would say about yourselves?

Los Audio KimikosWe work extremely well together, which honestly makes everything 100x easier. If there is a melody or a snare that Liby did and I don’t like it, I just modify or remove it. We don’t take it personally or anything like that, we know it’s for the better.

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