"Step In" To The Mind Of "MAJILLA." As She Returns To End The Year On A Good Note

Akron, Ohio‘s ‘MAJILLA‘ has been taking the R&B & Hip-hop scene by storm over the past couple years. Launching her debut single over four years ago titled “Change.” MAJILLA has steadily gone into hiding from the music industry after every couple singles. Building her sound and creative process to come back stronger than ever. You may question, who is she? well.. ‘She‘ is as much as you’ll get to know.

Step In” is a perfect example of what MAJILLA is a capable of creating. The R&B, Hip-hop single may give you Travis $cott impressions, but she’s far from that. Her unique layered vocals is a trance in itself. A perfect tune to cruise around to and “Trap by your lonely.” Expect a lot of new music and unexpected content from MAJILLA real soon.


(Check out the track below! )

Co-Signed Lyrics:

“Who gon step in
Who gon step in
Don’t need no, don’t need no
Don’t need no bitch I need a blessing
Need a blessing, need a blessing
Don’t need no bitch
I just need someone who gon step in”

[Verse 2]
“I’mma thug it out
If you leaving then you leaving
Rollie on my wrist
I ain’t got no time for bleeding
Man that shit was deep
Ain’t no pun just what I’m feeling
How I’m pos’ to heal if my heart is barely beating?”

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