Q&A: Marcos Garcia, Better Known as 'Marcos G' Speaks on the "David Dobrik DM's," Teaching at an Elementary School, Justin Bieber & More...

23-year-old singer-songwriter Marcos Garcia, better known as Marcos G. Sits down with Co-Sign Radio addressing the “David Dobrik DM’s,” his musical influences and growing up in a Christian household. From curating radio hit singles such as “Dancefloor” and “Like That.” Marcos isn’t your typical ‘Pop-star’ musician. Having a clear path as a teacher at an Elementary School, while balancing an R&B & Pop music career, Marcos is more so, just like you and I. 

Thank you ‘Marcos’ for this opportunity, we are pleased to have come across your music upon the release of your hit single “Dancefloor.” Also, we noticed you posted a conversation you had with David Dobrik, can you explain that? For those that are out of the loop, can you please tell us a bit about yourself and who ‘Marcos G’ is? 

Marcos GLove that you mentioned the “Dobrik DM”, sad to say but it was fake! I had seen a meme on Twitter just like mine and thought it’d be hilarious to use it for “dancefloor!” 

Marcos G (Continues): My “real name” is Marcos Garcia, I grew up in Hialeah, FL, which is a town in Miami that’s filled with many Latinos and Hispanics. My parents being from Colombia and Nicaragua played a huge part in my life especially when it came to growing up, allowing me to enjoy music from a whole different culture and also seeing old American classics from a different perspective. I’m very blessed to grow up in a hardworking family that migrated to the U.S in hopes of a better life, something I’m very grateful for. 

I remember the first song I heard by you was “Like That,” thanks to SoundCloud’s recommendation algorithm. Being the network “Co-Sign Radio” is, I had to take a listen as we are always looking for new content. Within the first three seconds, I was hooked. From the production clarity to layered vocal tones, with no hesitation, I listened to every released song you have out. I feel like you have structured your sound, would you agree? Who are some of your early influences on music?

Marcos GGrowing up in a Christian household my Dad was pretty strict on what we listened to, which meant I didn’t grow up listening to lots of Rap, Hip-hop or even Old School R&B. Around the time I got into Middle School, that’s where I was introduced to this whole new world of “Explicit” music for lack of better wording, that struck something in me.

Marcos G (Continues): There were all these instrumentals and vocals that I had never heard before that I was now submerged into and I was, more than listening, really learning from everything I’d hear. I think this has influenced my current music because growing up, I wanted to have some cool relevant music, that I didn’t have to worry about my parents listening to if they ever came into my room or asked to listen to my iPod as well. 

Marcos G (Continues): I’d like to think of my music as “music that a kid could listen to” but that young adults’ and everybody else can still listen to and relate. Artists like Omar ApolloFrank OceanChris Brown, and Justin Bieber were artists I listened to, to better myself and get a better sense of the sound I wanted. 

With such a unique sound, I would never have guessed you’re based in Miami, Florida. Would you say that Miami influenced your sound choice in any way? I would say it reminds me of a New York or Chicago R&B sound, agree or disagree?

Marcos GHonestly, I’d like to say Miami as a culture, being surrounded by Hispanics and Latinos who listen to Bachata, then switch to Reggaeton, and then over to Salsa, has made me think of music as ‘genreless’, and appreciate all the spectrums of music. 

Marcos G (Continues): But as far as growing up and listening to local Miami artists, I can’t say that I found much inspiration in the artists around me. I tended to look at other artists who came from elsewhere for inspiration which is probably why you don’t necessarily “hear” Miami when you listen to me. 

“Sundae Sauce,” tell us a bit about the performance in the Pizza Parlor? Can you tell us how it all came together and how the show itself is structured? Is it for local talent to ‘pop-out’ and catch a vibe for new city talent? I feel that that performance will go down in history one day. It showcases your vocal talent and the overall connection you’ll have to your listeners when they want to know more about ‘Marcos G’. 

Marcos GSundae Sauuce” was a great experience Travis runs it and he reached out to my managers and it turned out that we had many mutual friends so it was a no brainer. “The Parlor Performance” on YouTube was our second take. I had shot a different one last year but there were some issues so I came up and shot another one. I love the Sundae Sauuce team and how they believe in young artists like me, wanting to give me a chance at showcasing what I’ve got!

I came across something stating you’re a teacher, am I correct? What is it like balancing your music and being a teacher, does it ever get in the way with opportunities? “When” or “If” you sign to a label or music can become your career, will you drop being a teacher?

Marcos GYes, I’m an educator! I’m what we call an “Interventionist” at an Elementary School. I work with students who are struggling and help them get back on track through small group instructions. 

Marcos G (Continues): I don’t think I’ll continue teaching once music becomes a full-time thing for me, but it’s something I love and down the road wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up again. I’m very passionate about the youth and making sure they have positive role models they can look up to and feel inspired by. 

Do your students know you make music, and if so, what is their reaction to your musical progression? Do you ever hear “My teacher is famous!” coming from them?

Marcos G:  My kids do know I make music and it’s kind of hilarious. I’ve had kids come and tell me they “Subscribed” to my YouTube channel or that their parents also love my music. I’ve even had parents come up to me and tell me they listen to me in their car on their way to drop off their kids, it’s wild! I’m just grateful because having a career as a musician/singer or anything in the arts is something a lot of parents would discourage their kids to do. My parents believed in me but I know there are plenty of kids who aren’t as lucky. To be that role model, or adult in their lives who tells them that they’re not crazy for wanting to be a singeractor or even a YouTuber is cool. Everybody needs a champion and mentor, and I’m glad I’m in a position where I can be that for someone else. 

Marcos G (Continues): “They think I’m famous sometimes which is funny, they think I live a double life of some sort, which honestly isn’t far from the truth!”

Can we expect any collaborative singles or projects from you this year with other artists or is your plan to continue dropping singles? 

Marcos GI plan on collaborating with more artists, it’s great to see a community of artists coming together to support each other. I’ve got some stuff in the works with my friends, and be on the lookout for my Sister! I honestly think she’s better than me, she’s yet to drop a song but we’ve got some tracks together, and I’d tell you to keep your eyes on her!

What is your take on structuring a hit single, such as, “Dancefloor” or “Like That.” Do you get the instrumental and write to that or build the entire song from scratch with your production team?

Marcos GEvery session is never the same! I’ve had sessions where I show up with a song already written to a track I’ve been sent. Other times I’ve been writing as the producer flushes out the beat, and other times it’s a whole team effort! 

Marcos G (Continues): “Dancefloor” was an amazing experience, it was my last night in NY, and it was my first trip to NY ever, it was the first time I worked with a team to make music. Up until then, I had only 4 songs on SoundCloud which I got from YouTube beats and would record with an engineer in Miami. It honestly was a moment I’ll never forget, and I’m grateful for my managers believing in me, as well as the insane team that was there that night. That night made everything I was planning to do feel tangible as opposed to simply a dream. 

At this point in your career, you must have labels reaching out to you from everywhere. Are you able to announce if you have signed a deal, yet? What is your take on the title “Independent Artist.” 

Marcos G: At this point, my team and I are focused on building a brand and making sure we’re putting out quality music, I have been in label meetings and that, but until I think I’m ready, that’s when we’ll do the whole thing, haha. 

Marcos G (Continues): “Thank you guys so much for reaching out! It means a lot that you guys are allowing me to share a bit of myself with everyone, and the fact you’re supporting artists and giving them a voice is awesome! I look forward to growth this 2020 and would love to have another interview when your podcasts launch!”

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