Q&A: MarMar Oso Sheds Light On Sacramento's Music Scene, Discusses "King of R&B" & Michael Jackson..

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Sacramento’s MarMar Oso sits down with Co-Sign Radio to discuss Sacramento’s emerging music scene. With early influences being Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. We address the “King of R&B” title question, who can rightfully claim the crown?

To start things off, who is “MarMar Oso?”

MarMar Oso: My real name is “Marvin Webb Jr.” I’m a 20-year-old R&B singer based in Sacramento. I grew up in Sacramento, CA and spend most of my time here. My up-bringing came from a god-fearing family. You could say I was raised around a church, so music was always around me growing up.

How and when did you get into singing & song writing? Did you take lessons growing up?

MarMar Oso: I was 2-years-old when I started singing. I sang mostly in church and at home. Some early influencers for me were: Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, New Edition, Chris Brown, Drake and a couple more I forget the names of. Even just watching all the ‘High School Musical’ movies influenced me. I also have an older sister Shanice who can sing but I’m the only one who took the talent of singing and made it my career. A few genres I listened to growing up were R&B, Hip Hop, and Gospel.

How would you describe yourself to someone who has never heard one of your songs?

MarMar Oso: For the ones who have never heard me, MarMar Oso, I would describe myself as a relatable artist.

Did you always sing or did you (do you) dabble with rapping as well?

MarMar Oso: I always sung but I originally wanted to be a rapper. I’m good at rapping, as well as singing, but I usually only rap for short Instagram videos for fun!

How did you and YELLY come together for “Feel The Same?” Amazing song by the way!

MarMar Oso:YELLY‘ and I came together for “Feel the Same” because our fans wanted another song of the two of us together. Since they liked our other song “Curious” so much.

MarMar Oso (Continues): She and I met through mutual friends and became closer friends over the years. We now have the same management team and work closely together, a lot. The making of the song “Feel the Same” happened one day when YELLY and I were at the studio..

What was your early success story that made you want to pursue music? Was it seeing “Ruthless” touch one-million plays on the Music Video?

MarMar Oso: I always knew I wanted to pursue music. My love for it has always been strong. At the time my mom didn’t really agree with the idea of me doing music. But after I turned eight-teen and graduated high school, I began working on my first song “Lost Feelings.” I would say that my music was doing good to only be just starting out, and I knew no matter what, I would continue my music journey whether I blew up quick or not. My song “Ruthless” did hit one-million. I know success doesn’t come easy.. and I’m willing to keep working hard no matter what!

With the recent release of “Jacquees – King of R&B” Album. What are your thoughts of the R&B & Soul music scene and who would you title the “King of R&B?”

MarMar Oso: I’ve been a fan of Jacquees since I was twelve. He always did the best remixes and actually watching him work and grind over the years to get to where he is. I feel like he has the right to say he is the “King” of this generation. And I don’t know, there’s too many greats..

Do you (or have you) have other music occupations besides singing & song writing?

MarMar Oso: Right now, my only musical occupations are singing and songwriting. I have written for other artists and plan on doing more in the near future.

What can we expect from “MarMar Oso” or even “MarMar Oso & YELLY” in the new year? Do you have any: shows, tours, music videos or even new music in the planning?

MarMar Oso: I definitely have more music coming. You can expect a lot of new projects such as albums, EP’s, and music videos coming from me in the next year. I actually have a new song and music video that I will be dropping soon called “Summer Fling.” (Out Now). As for YELLY and I, I’m sure we will have many more projects, as well as shows, together in the new year.

Is there anything you would like to say to those pursuing a career in music? Do you feel that the industry is oversaturated with artists or it’s at the spot it should be?

MarMar Oso: Chase your dreams and keep a lawyer!

Lastly, what is one positive thing you would say about yourself?

MarMar Oso: I’m almost where I wanna be with music. Things worked out extremely well for me so I feel like I can beat the odds.

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