Marr Grey Means it When He Sings "Everything Is Everything" on the Hook of His New Single

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The “Night Rider” is back with an R&B & Soul single titled “Everything Is Everything.” A song detailing the ‘rough-ride‘ Marr Grey has ridden on to get to where he is today. “Because everything can be alright!” is shouted by Marr, within the first verse, in desperation to let his girl know they’ll be at peace in the end. However, to get there, they’ll face a rollercoaster of stress and indifference before achieving love and compassion. “Everything Is Everything” is self-explanatory. The song is Marr at the peak of his vocal capacity, pushing pure emotion through each line. 


(Check out the track below! )

Co-Signed Lyrics:

Song: ” Everything Is Everything

“Everything’s everything and I mean it yeah
This won’t get better unless you think the same thing
Fuckin’ up my vibe, fuckin’ up my mind
It’s gon be alright, girl just fall in line
Don’t let this go
Cause everything could be alright
Everything is everything, yeah yeah
I’m just asking you to change, yeah”

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