The "Night Rider," Marr Grey, Thinks Back To The Time They Were Together In His New Year Single, "Walk Away"

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Marr Grey, “The Nightrider,” has returned with an emotionally-relatable R&B & Soul single titled “Walk Away.” Dating back the days to when he was having his first child. The trials & tribulations he dealt with, with his baby-mama. As he was settling down trying his hardest to make things work for their family, she never made them a priority. Now, he is not holding his grudge anymore. Releasing all of his exhaustion & pride into his new year single “Walk Away.”


(Check out the track below! )

Co-Signed Lyrics:

“Walking on a cloud
Holding your hand
You’re walking away from me
You’re blocking your heart, I need to know why
We got a baby now you can’t play this
You ain’t leaving me this ain’t Vegas, no
Hit you one time got lucky just like the lottery
You screaming out “cum inside of me”
And I did it that’s the man in me yeah, yeah
Now a nigga on the other side
It’s getting hard tryna’ raise a child
And she don’t see this going far”

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