Prznt Will Have You Tokyo Drifting to His Single "Lambo Crazy"

Prznt, Mr. “Laudy Daudy” is a 22-year-old Hip-Hop artist born in Cuba and raised in Florida. Looking to provide a better life for his family from a young age after moving from CubaPrznt took it upon himself to follow his role models: Kid CudiLil Wayne, and Drake, taking up music as a hobby. After the major success from the releases of “Laudy Daudy,” “Alone,” and “Outsiderz.” Prznt continuously strives to be a better artist than he was in the previous years. Releasing consistent bi-weekly for the past year. Taking us to today’s release of “Lambo Crazy.” A song which I feel would be a perfect fit for a “Fast and Furious” movie. I imagine a scene involving drift cars doing laps throughout the city streets of Tokyo. This song is a hyper-drive thrill ride.

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