In May 2016 Bangers Only’s YouTube channel had 10,000 subscribers, as of May 2020 Bangers Only YouTube channel has over 600,000 subscribers and 259,711,842 views to date. Founder and curator of Bangers Only, Nick Gorny has given opportunities to artists through its platform to enhance their careers. From starting as a gaming channel to a curated playlist, to now a promotion and distribution brand. Bangers Only have supported, promoted, and featured artists such as Bazzi, Ali Gatie, Powfu, Vaboh, SadBoyProfilic, SoLonely expanding this to audiences. In conjunction with SauceOnlyLyricsOnlyChillOnly, and SupremeSoundsOnly, the success of the channel has continued to not only promote but distribute artists through its platform as it continues to grow.

For those who don’t know, how exactly did you get started in music promotion and the creator of Bangers Only

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: I used to listen to a lot of Promoting Sounds & SwagyTracks uploads to discover new music for my playlists. One day I decided I would try to share my tastes. I had a good base knowledge of YouTube from my days creating gaming videos on the platform. I have always been the friend who takes the AUX-in a car ride or at a party so I figured why not start sharing my taste in music? I started as simply as just DMing these artists to ask if I could promote their music and as time went by and we gained a following more and more of them were excited to send music my way to be featured.

Bangers Only originated in 2016, in the three years that it’s been up and running, what tactics have helped you grow as a brand and platform to showcase artists? 

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: Well, this started on YouTube so I would like to address the tactics used there first. I always tell people it is consistency and good music that grew the channel. I found a lot of success in adding lyrics to our videos. When I first started I struggled to compete with the other channels in terms of search views because they were so much bigger than mine already. I noticed a huge difference when I started adding lyrics. More often than not I was not the first channel or the biggest channel in the search when it came to just the audio. It was, however, the first result that came up when you searched the lyrics of the song. 

When it comes to working on your platform, what’s a typical day for you running and handling your platform? 

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: This has changed a whole lot in just the past couple of months. For a while, my days were just finding a couple of good songs to upload to the channel and maybe mess around with the Spotify lists a bit. Now my days are much more hectic. A lot of my time is spent on the phone and working on the plans we have going forward. Believe it or not, a lot goes into bringing a large group of artists together to work on a project and it has proven to be more work than I expected! I still spend a lot of time reading my DMs from all of the artists who send me music every day, and of course, working on YouTube videos.

As a curator and promoter, how have you expanded your platform to discover and gain exposure for upcoming artists? 

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: As you know Bangers Only started strictly as a YouTube Channel, which we still very much focus on. Over time though we learned that if we want to make a real dent in the music industry just YouTube was not going to be enough. We started expanding into Spotify with the curated playlists that we could promote through the channel to get these listeners now converting to other platforms. Recently we have been putting a lot of time into our social media content, specifically Instagram (trying to get into the TikTok scene as well). We are coming to find out that with a push from multiple angles on these songs the results we are seeing are incredible in comparison to what we would see when we were just pushing them on YouTube. I think we have the potential at this point to put on artists the same way a small independent label would, but we plan to continue to grow that influence going forward. 

From utilizing social media platforms to enhance your Bangers Only continuous success. Have you also built personal connections and collaborated with other channels and/or YouTubers? 

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: I made friends with some editors for some big vlog channels as well as gaming channels. YouTubers like Jake PaulErika CostellFaZe Sway, and a whole lot more would use songs from my channel and link it back to my page which helped so much in the early days. I think there is just a sense of authenticity when it comes to our brand because of how much we try to interact with everyone across all of our platforms. I get artists coming to me every single day saying they were referred to us by an artist friend of theirs. I think when you start getting your name tossed around as someone worth working with it makes artists feel comfortable reaching out and putting their trust in you. Wanting the best for these artists and the brand goes a long way in actually building it.

With that being said, the channel and you’ve been featured on other platforms have given you great exposure for your brand to grow. Regarding the talent you’ve showcased and featured, what’s your submission process and how exactly can emerging artists submit their work to be featured on your channel?

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: We have plenty of routes you can go when it comes to submissions. I have been told in the past I am not the easiest person to reach, especially over email. I do apologize for that and that is why I have made sure to get some help on that end. We take submissions any way you can get us the music. Whether that is email, DMing the Bangers Only account, or even just DMing me personally. If I hear something that I think will fit great on one of our platforms it does not matter how you send it to me, we will get to work!

With the various music platforms that range across YouTube pages, Spotify playlists, and blogs. How do you differentiate and set Bangers Only apart from other curated pages? 

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: This is an ongoing topic of conversation for the people who are working on Bangers Only. We started doing so by dipping into other sections of the industry. There are tons of curators out there, but how many of them can say they have a YouTubeSpotify, and social media presence the size of ours? When you look at it like that the number shrinks a whole lot. However we know it isn’t all about the number of people viewing, and that is why we have tried to get as creative as we can. We have partners alongside Bangers Only who are working to do new innovative things. Our partner, Sauce Only had this great idea to run a “March Madness Artist Edition Bracket,” which gained a ton of attention on social media. Every artist had their fans voting and tagging them and it turned into a very cool experience. 

Along with separating your brand from others, what ventures and plans do you have planned to be contrasted rather than compared?

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: We don’t want to be just another curator page. We want to be a brand that interacts with these people, the artists, the fans, or whoever it may be viewing our stuff. We are going to continue pushing to be innovative and build what we hope to be a massive community behind Bangers Only. That is part of the reason we decided a Bangers Only collaboration album would be such a cool idea. It is going to be a lot of our listener’s favorite artists all grouped in one place for their enjoyment. I think we have a lot of work to do to continue separating ourselves as a brand but I think we are going in the right direction!

What details can you share about the Bangers Only album? And is there any upcoming ventures, plans, or ideas that you have planned in the future related and/or unrelated to Bangers Only?

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: Our focus now is on the album that is set to release in August. It is going to be a 12-14 song list with a lot of our favorite artists on it. We still have a lot of work to do on it but that is where our focus will be lying in the next few months. Beyond that, though I do think sometime in 2021 we would like to officially become a record label and sign our first artist. I believe in what we are doing and the group we have behind this company and I have no doubt if we do it right we could turn an artist into a household name. As of right now, those are the two biggest things on our radar!

Recently you’ve collaborated with artists distributing their singles through Bangers Only such as, “Come Thru” by gavn! and “roxstar” by Lil Rxspy. Are there artists you hope to work within the upcoming future? 

Nick Gorny BangersOnly: Yes, absolutely there are always artists on our radar for these releases. We are hoping to work with a bunch of different ones for our collaboration album coming at the end of the summer, which will be our biggest project yet. It is hard for me to name drop any artists because there are so many I hope to work. For the sake of the question though, I will say I would love to work with Vaboh who is a great friend of mine, and Hauhwii who I see as an upcoming artist with an incredible amount of potential. 

When it comes to the beginning of Bangers Only to now, what advice would you give to those who look to create their platform and brand?

 Nick Gorny BangersOnly: Overall I would say it is never easy starting an internet platform from the ground up, however, there are always ways you can go to get an upper hand. For us, it was lyrics, for the next music channel it might be slowed reverbed sounds or 8D audio. For someone like Lyrical Lemonade, it was a massive music video platform that no one was doing with that genre of music. There will always be new things people are looking for, but when it comes to an online platform my biggest tip to everyone is to always stay consistent. Come up with a plan and stick to it, don’t keep jumping in and out of things. 

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