REGI FLIH Wonders if She is "Bad For Me" or Not?

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Who is REGI FLIH?” you may ask… REGI is a talent, masked by social media. A musical icon who portrays an anonymous appearance across his entertainment outreach, but for a better perception. He remains mysterious, “encouraging “urban” (a term we refrain from using in respect to equality) music lovers to focus on what really matters,” he states. Generating a mass of over one-million and counting streams totalled by his singles “Something For Me,” “Feeling Some Way,” and “Strip.” REGI FLIH returns with the release of his spring-summer single “Bad For Me.”

“Bad For Me” is a precise representation of how unique and organized REGI‘s vocals to production truly is. You can tell he believes in himself and is willing to invest in quality over quantity. Rare attribute artists nowadays are not leaning towards. Opening the doors to endless possibilities for this young talent, and if you enjoy an ‘up-tempo’ bop, this song is for you. 


Co-Signed Lyrics:

Song: ” Bad For Me

“Girl you bad girl you bad for me
Throw it back throw it back for me
Hold it down hold it down for me
She gone ride she gone ride for me
Drop it down buss it down for me
You a star when you round wit me, yeah yeah
Girl you bad yeah you bad for me (bad for me bad for me)
Girl you bad girl you bad for me”

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