Toronto's SAFE Returns with a Message on "Hashtag (F*** Yo Privilege)"

Since breaking-way early on from his Canada-wide hit single “Feel,” catching the eyes of Drake and his camp, as well as Murda Beatz. Halal Gang member “SAFE,” at the current age of 23, would go on to selling out his shows across Toronto to more recently launching his label, “Bando Recordings.”  SAFE is undeniably one of the most under-appreciated artists in the Canadian-to-global music scene, its without question. Unfortunately, he and we understand the reasoning. Since being surrounded by Canadian legends, growing up together, with some of the likes of Smoke DawgJimmy PrimePuffy L’zJay Whiss, and many others… SAFE has gone on to lose some of his closest friends and acquaintances to the streets of Toronto, self-isolating himself from the city and music scene. 

Having collaborated with, to select a few, Playboi CartiYGDave EastBibi BourellyMurda Beatz, and many others… SAFE has established an intimate ‘cult-following’ with his fans. With them showcasing their likeness for SAFE and his music. Leading to his return with his 2019 Album “STAY,” a magnificent project full of sentimental “street talks” with emotion and melodic tones, capturing the exact SAFE sound” we’ve been waiting for. 

Present, SAFE has continued with his ascend. Launching two singles “Hashtag (F*** Yo Privilege)” & “Orange Freestyle” in honor of his new self-proclaimed label “Bando Recordings.” A play on his social handles “@bando416” which, broken-down, plays on the “416” Toronto area code, and “Bando” meaning “a house with illegal activity commencing.” With said, “Hashtag (F*** Yo Privilege)” is a song representing the “Black Lives Matter” movement currently arising with the recent death of an innocent black man named George Floyd. It touches on the unfortunate terror arising from the corrupt global Police forces, corporate organizations, and overall life living as a black individual in a predominately ‘white-collar’ country. 

“Black Lives Matter” is a movement, we at Co-Sign Radio, heavily support. So big ups to SAFE on using his platform to send a message to his listeners to take a stand.  


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