ServvvOne Starts The New Year With An Unexpected Untitled 'EP'

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San Diego, California‘s, ‘ServvvOne‘ caught my attention just over a year ago with his singles “Pastlife” & “Problems.” Since then, I have been following his music career through his ups and downs. With the unfortunate loss of his close childhood friend ‘Don Chop.’ I was not sure if ‘Servvv‘ would continue with his destine musical career path. I am happy to see him push through and not let the negativity hold him back. ServvvOne is somebody who deserves the recognition but has yet to receive it. This past year has got me incredibly engaged with his sound and production. Knowing he produces, engineers and writes all of his music amazes me. It is very rare to see artists nowadays care to try and master all three career paths. 

With the celebration of the New Year, ServvvOne was influenced by one of his close friends ‘GWOP‘ to release an unexpected EP. With no title or details on what the project is called. What I can say is that it features 5-singles. A couple smooth R&B & Soul tracks and a typical heavy 808, R&B & Hip-hop, ServvvOne type of beat. We will continue to follow ‘Servvv‘ on his journey and wish him the best of luck in this new year!


(Check out the track below! )

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