Sirius Wilde Knows "NOTHINGS4EVA" So He Lives Comfortably


Immigrated from Nigeria to Toronto, ON, Canada, Matthias Osa-Noyoze, known by most as Sirius Wilde, is an R&B & Soul musician and arts creative. Capturing moments and vocalizing them through his music. With inspirations ranging from The Weeknd and Frank Ocean to South London‘s SamphaSirius paints a very vivid picture of these artists through his R&B sounds. Giving an acoustic-like euphoric sound on each record he has released. Taking him from his debut EP “ROMANTICISM, Vol. A,” to his latest single release “NOTHINGS4EVA.” 

“NOTHINGS4EVA” is how I would describe a space-like euphoric R&B song. Its fullness of vocal layering and transparent sounds intertwine throughout the entire song. Giving a calm yet coveted experience. If you’re looking for LoFi style R&B song, this one is for you!   

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