Summers Ovver & Tre Kent Touch on Their "Trust Issues"


With the end of summer near, Summers Ovver leads us into fall with the help of fellow musician Tre Kent. Hailing from Salsbury, MDSummers Ovver represents his hometown with the staple of his voice. A familiar yet, versatile falsetto which quickly captures the attention of his audience upon new releases. This young talent is not only notable for his vocalization but also his production. Summers works only with his musical associates: Bryan Michael CoxRodney Jerkins, and Brian McKnight, but takes the position in the role of his entire music development. Leading to the current release of “Trust Issues.”

Stating; how they stay true to themselves amongst the trust issues of others. Those who they pass in their career paths can misguide their stable mentality. And it takes a powerful individual to not get caught up. “Trust Issues” is Summers & Tre’s way of saying “Move the f**k out of the way.” 


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