The Image Embraces Whitney Houston with Their Single "Every Woman"

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The Image, an unstoppable Los Angeles-based duo formed by Watrcup and Franskiiz, embrace Whitney Houston on their new single “Every Woman.” Sampling one of her vocal melodies on the production. This Hip-Hop and Rap single is The Images‘ most impactful song that showcases their diversity and capabilities. Pulling together one of the catchiest hooks singing “Oh my…” while layering it with Whitney‘s “I’m Every Woman.” They did what they needed to do and did it right! Bravo! to these two. I cannot wait to hear what more they will bring leading into next year. 

Following the releases of “Believe In Me” and “Beaujolais,” which caught my original attention. These two singles alone generated The Image hundreds-of-thousands of streams across DSP’s (digital streaming platforms). Landing them the opportunity to speak with Bu Thiam, former SVP of A&R at Def Jam, younger brother of Akon, and more recently co-manager to Kanye West.

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