Tone Stith Sings About How He Just Wants Her To Dance For Him In "Slow Motion"


At the young age of 23-years-old, Tone Stith has no limit when it comes to his musical portfolio. The DrakeCo-Signed” singer, songwriter & producer continues to prove his worth in the music industry. Since having been featured on Billboard, Complex & HipHopDX magazines. Tone Stith continues to peak the attention of various R&B & Soul fans. Since releasing “Good Company,” his official 7-track album with his label “RCA Records” back in 2018. Tone has stayed relatively silent until, now. Releasing his 2020 debut R&B single titled “Slow Motion.”

Slow Motion” is ‘Tone‘ in his rightful peace of mind. Keeping an engaging melody while controlling the height of his frequencies, Tone Stith presents the emotion hindering within his heart. “Slow Motion” is a sensual-R&B single about being intimate with a woman grasping his attention while dancing in “Slow Motion.”


(Check out the track below! )

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